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Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini......healing fragrances
A spiritual healing system to awaken the body's own healing power


Example 1 : Leg injury.

  1. First carefully understand and list out the symptoms to be treated.

Symptoms : An injury on the leg with minor bruising.

  1. Next decide what Sanjeevinis you wish to use and list them out. Any number of Sanjeevinis can be given to one person simultaneously. In this case you would use

Injury Sanjeevini - DS 71,
Infection Sanjeevini - DS 68,
Leg & Foot Sanjeevini - BPS 27.

  1. Next choose your medium from water, vibhuthi, sugar globules; put it into a glass or plastic vial or bottle (the quantity would depend upon your requirements). Globules and vibhuthi can be put into a paper or plastic packet if a bottle or other suitable container is not available. For this example let us choose globules. 
  1. Place the bottle or packet of globules on the selected cards for 15 seconds each i.e. place the bottle or packet of globules on the circle of BPS 27 (Leg & Foot) for 15 seconds. (See Exhibit 5).

The globules are now charged with Leg and Foot Sanjeevini.

  1. Repeat the process with DS71 (Injury Sanjeevini) and DS 68 (Infection Sanjeevini) , using the SAME bottle.

Your Sanjeevini combination for this case is now ready.

This example has been illustrated in a simple way. For a better understanding see the next example and also study the Injury combination (SSC 26) in the chapter "Selected Sanjeevini Combinations". 

Example 2: Cold and feverishness

  1. Symptoms - A feverish condition with a heavy full blown cold (sinusitis).
  2. Next, decide what Sanjeevinis you wish to use and list them out. Remember, any number of Sanjeevinis can be given to one person simultaneously.

In this case you would give:

    1. Sinus & Cold Sanjeevini - DS 116
    2. Sinuses (all) Sanjeevini - BPS 43
    3. Fever & Flu Sanjeevini - DS 50
    4. Infection Sanjeevini - DS 68

These are the Sanjeevinis that "logically" apply to this problem. While these alone would suffice and bring about healing, there are some others that would also help.

    1. Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini - DS 19

This Sanjeevini is to be used for many disorders. Although we do not all suffer from Hyperglycaemia or Hypoglycaemia (high or low sugar conditions), Blood Sugar does fluctuate frequently within each of us - during mental stress or during physical distress. This example would have both of these - mental and physical stress.

    1. Shakthi Sanjeevini - DS 113
    2. Mind Sanjeevini - BPS 31
    3. Immune System Sanjeevini - BPS 24
    4. Thought Management Sanjeevini - DS 128
    5. Antitoxins Sanjeevini - DS 9
    6. Shock Sanjeevini - DS 115
    7. Shanthi Sanjeevini - DS 114
    8. Fitness Sanjeevini - DS 54

Nos. 6 to 13 Sanjeevinis listed above make up the "Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination" which is the Selected Sanjeevini Combination No.1. We recommend this combination be given to every patient  along with SSC 60 - no matter what the disease.

To summarise, in this illustration we are required to use :
Body Parts Sanjeevinis Nos.: 24, 31, 43.
Diseases Sanjeevinis Nos. : 9, 19, 50, 54, 68, 113, 114, 115 116,128.

  1. Next, choose your medium from water, vibhuthi, sugar globules etc.; put it into a glass or plastic bottle (the quantity would depend on your requirement).

For this illustration let us choose sugar globules.

  1. Select BPS 24 (Immune System) and place the bottle containing the sugar globules in the circle for 15 seconds. The globules are now charged with the Immune System Sanjeevini.
  2. Next, select BPS 31 (Mind Sanjeevini), place the SAME bottle of globules in the circle for 15 seconds and proceed to BPS 43 (Sinuses Sanjeevini). Repeat the process, using the same bottle.
  3. Next, from the Diseases Sanjeevinis select DS 9 (Antitoxins Sanjeevini). Using the same bottle continue the process of charging the globules with DS 9 and subsequently each of the other Diseases Sanjeevinis listed above i.e. DS 19, DS 50, DS 54, DS 68, DS 113, DS 114, DS 115, DS 116 and DS 128.

Your Sanjeevini combination for the ailment in this illustration is now ready. It is as simple as that.

  1. Label the bottle with the patient's name and the date on which the combination is being prepared.

Important Notes

Note 1: While preparing the Sanjeevinis, offering your fervent prayer to God from any religion or spiritual tradition with immense faith and devotion is extremely important. There is only one  God and He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent , Omniscient and the supreme embodiment of love and compassion. One could also repeat an affirmation or chant a hymn or any Mantra. the Gayathri Manthra, the Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra, the Sai Gayatri Mantra. This is an important part of the healing  as it helps us to connect our mind with God and further  enhances the value of the Sanjeevinis for the patient, besides purifying the healer at the same time. Visualising our favourite Deity always helps concentration.

Note 2 : It is perfectly alright to keep the bottle on the relevant Sanjeevini Card for more than 15 seconds.

Note 3 :When the bottle is placed on a Sanjeevini Card, the vibhuti or the globules in the bottle are charged only with the vibration of that specific Sanjeevini. The Cards on the pages below do not interfere in the charging process.

CAUTION : Please do not discontinue your allopathic medicine or any other medicine without the advice and guidance of your medical doctor. Sanjeevinis do not disturb (or interfere with)the action of other medicines. Please remember that the Sanjeevinis are focussed prayers and can do no harm whatsoever. At a subtler level, a deeper healing will be effected by the Sanjeevinis through the awakening of the body's own healing power.

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A fervent and ardent prayer went out from us to the Lord seeking a way of healing naturally, simply, effectively, inexpensively, quickly - a very big mountain - we might say!


But the mountain moved! Sai the Ever Compassionate Divine Mother answered our prayer by revealing the knowledge of the Sanjeevinis.

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