Approximate Time for Study:    3 hours
Approximate Time for Practical Work:   
4 hours

Module 1 :Introduction :
Module 2: What are Sanjeevinis :
Module 3: Getting Started
Module 4: Practical Work
Module 5: Assignments


Time needed  for completing the Self-study Course
Suggested Guidelines
Course Content


Using the Sanjeevinis is extremely simple, inexpensive and provides a deeply spiritual experience when Sanjeevini Seva (service) is offered in a spirit of selfless love and surrender.

Everything that you need to get started with Sanjeevini healing is available on this website.

This self study training course will systematically take you, step by step, through the important aspects of Sai Sanjeevini healing. By the end of the course you will be able to confidently prepare Sanjeevini Healing remedies for the most complicated problems for yourself, your family, friends and the community around you. You will also be able to offer Distance healingto people through Broadcasting of Sanjeevini remedies.

You can download Overview of the Tutorial   HERE  

Time needed for completing the Self-study Course

This Tutorial almost replicates a Sanjeevini Healing Workshop for beginners which takes about 7 hours and is ideally spread over 2 days.

The first day covers Modules 1, 2 and 3 which provide a good theoretical understanding of every important aspects of the healing system. You should be able to study and grasp the essence of these three modules in about three hours.

The second day is dedicated to Modules, 4and 5 which will give you hands on experience on how to prepare Sanjeevini healing remedies for well over 200 diseases/problems.

You can complete this section in about 4 hours if you are working with a high motivation level, full concentration and without any interruptions.

The actual time needed to complete the entire Tutorial will vary from person to person. About seven hours is the average time you should plan for.

Suggested Guidelines
 Following suggestions may be of use to many people, especially those who do not have a 24/7 Internet connection or for those who are not comfortable working on the computer for a prolonged time.

1. Download the entire Tutorial on your Computer from the website so that you can work offline conveniently.

2. Preferably take a Print out of the five modules  of the Course. This can be your permanent reference material for future for clearing any doubts on an ongoing basis. Also you can share photocopies of the set with others who might be keen to take the Tutorial.

3. Make notes of important points as you proceed.

4 Also note down any doubts or questions that might come up.

(Most of these questions will get answered as you move ahead in the Tutorial.)

5 Don’t forget to go through the frequently asked questions sections. A lot of the questions that come up in Workshops are covered in FAQs.

6. If after completing the Tutorial, you still have some doubts or unanswered questions, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will be happy to try and clear your doubts or answer any questions. 

Course Content 

The Self-study Course comprises of the following six Modules. A brief description of each Module is given below. Please go through the modules in the sequence given below.

Module 1:  Introduction :
Module 2:  What are Sanjeevinis :
Module 3:  Getting Started
Module 4:  Practical Work
Module 5:  Assignments


Module 1: Introduction

This module begins with an overview of the healing system and answers a few pertinent questions which many new learners have. It removes any fears or doubts that may be there regarding the usage of the system. The question - “how effective is the system? “ is often asked bynew Users Experiences of Healers from across the worldare shared to give an idea of the effectiveness of the system. The module also dwells on the wonderful opportunities that the system offers for serving the community around us and on the deeply spiritual goal of Inner evolution through selfless service which is the ultimate blessing and reward of working with the system.

You can download Module 1 of the Tutorial HERE


 Module 2: What are Sanjeevinis

Two inspirational sections A Gift of Love and the Significance of the Name capture the spiritual foundation and essence of the Sai Sanjeevini healing system and the spirit of surrender in which it is meant to be used. This module will give you a very clear understanding of what are Sanjeevini healing fragrances or prayers, categories and sub categories of Sanjeevini prayers and how these prayers have been captured in patterns called Sanjeevini Cards.

You can download Module 2 of the Tutorial HERE


 Module 3: Getting Started with the healing Work

In this module you will actually learn how to use the Sanjeevini healing patterns to prepare your remedies, to dispense the remedies and/or broadcast the remedies long distance to individuals or to groups using the Multiplication & Broadcasting card. You will also get a good idea of which Sanjeevini Cards are to be usedfor preparing remdies fordifferent diseases listed in the section Selected Sanjeevini Combinations. Also in this Module, you will learn about another powerful spiritual healing tool – the Neutralisation Card

You can download Module 3 of the Tutorial HERE


 Module 4: Practical Work

This module will give you rich hands on experience of actually preparing Sanjeevini remedies for many ailments through preparation of Samples of the 60 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations for different diseases.

You can download Module 4 of the Tutorial HERE


 Module 5: Assignments

This module has five Assignments which will encourage you to suggest, prepare and Broadcast remedies for five diverse cases including one for an epidemic in a town, another for the well being of every soul on Planet Earth, and three more.

You can download Module 5 of the Tutorial HERE


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