The Secrets of Self-Healing Revealed

Dear Sanjeevini Healer/User:

The most potent power of healing lies within each one of us.

Why do most of us refuse to use this power, this sacred health-giving energy?
Is it possible to self-heal Cancers, Auto immune disorders and other frightening and painful diseases?

The  YouTube video with the link below, answers all these questions and more.

Please do watch this amazing video, if you haven’t already done so.


It will most likely cause a dramatic shift in your thinking and empower you to heal yourself as well as compel you to share this gift of unconditional love with others.

Every spiritual healing system endeavors to awaken the innate, God-gifted self-healing power within the individual to recreate balance and harmony in the body and mind.  

At the core of all healing systems is the Knowing that the wisdom and healing power that lie within every being have the most effective and enduring solutions to all kinds of problems.

This video brings alive the understanding and magnificence of this KNOWING.

Yoga, Meditation (dhyana), Selfless service (seva),  Devotion (bhakti), Healing with sound - Music and Mantras, Reiki, Pranic healing, EFT, Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, Homeopathy, Vibro healing,  Sanjeevini healing, and many many other wonderful healing systems – all are beautiful pathways to self-healing, self-empowerment and self-realization… liberation from all suffering.

Whichever healing system or systems we are blessed to work with, let’s live in the joyful and continuous awareness  of the perfect healing tools that are within each one of us - unconditional love, truth, faith, forgiveness, compassion,  gratitude, humility, selfless service, fearlessness… and many more.

May we all discover the beauty and magnificence that lies within each one of us!
May everyone be blessed and empowered to experience the miracles of self-healing!

In eternal love and oneness,

Sai Sanjeevini Seva team

Divine Inspirations

“You are all the indestructible Divine Self, Believe Me! Nothing need discourage you. In dreams you suffer so much - loss of money, fire, food, insult, etc., but you are not affected at all. When these things happen during the waking stage, you feel afflicted. It is not the real you that suffers all that. Give up the delusion that you are this physical entity and you become really free. Develop Truth and Love. Everything will be added to you, unasked.”

-Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai  Baba- Divine Discourse, July 25, 1958

“People are eager to know about all kinds of trivialities like the details of others’ lives, other places, etc., but they have no keenness to know their own origin. People are deeply sunk in ignorance about their source and substance, their goals and destiny. You are the inheritor of unlimited wealth and fortune, yet you feel like a poor man (pauper). Remove this boundary of ego within your mind – you will then recognize the vastness of yourself.”

-Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba   - Divine Discourse, Aug 16, 1964.

Prayer for World Peace

Samasta Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu
Samasta Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu
Samasta Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!

Healing Prayers

BPS 22 Heart Sanjeevini

To invigorate the heart and to heal all symptoms and causes of heart related conditions like Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension and Palpitations.

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Thought for the Week


“Calamities must deepen your courage, enlarge your faith; your spiritual practice must be intensified just when the weather is inclement. In fair weather, a care-free attitude is pardonable, but, in foul weather, every precaution is of value.”


- Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba




Healer's Experiences


"I am a sceptic, so I decided to try this simple healing system for myself. I was very surprised that the method worked so well, also with animals, who can not “fake” the outcome. So I was “hooked”. To me it was a miracle system and I took it upon me to translate the complete healing system for those who did not master the English language."                                                                     Read more

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 Healthy Diet

Healthy Lifestyles

There is much suffering in the world today. The "standard of living" is rising everywhere but the "standard of health" is perhaps at its lowest.... The poor suffer from diseases of "deprivation". The rich on the other hand suffer from diseases of "plenty" or "excess". These include diabetes, rheumatism and arthritis, high blood pressure, heart trouble,(cholestrol), kidney failure, asthma - the list is endless.

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