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In Modules 1 to 3 of the Tutorial, all the important aspects of the Sai Sanjeevini healing system have been covered in substantial detail.  In Module 4 we have had very intensive and valuable Hands on Experience of preparing Samples of 60 Basic Selected Sanjeevini Combinations for a wide range of ailments/problems.  We have also learnt how to prepare Sanjeevini samples for the sub combinations listed under each of the 60 Basic Combinations.

Preparing a sample for an ailment or problem is the same thing as preparing a remedy for that Ailment/problem. You are now, therefore, equipped to prepare Sanjeevini Healing remedies for well over 200 ailments at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels - 60 with the Basic Combinations and over 140 with the Sub Combinations under the Basic Combinations..

Based on the composition of each Selected Sanjeevini Combination you now have a good understanding of which Sanjeevinis or which Selected Sanjeevini Combinations to use for diverse problems.

In this module we will expand our awareness of the vast scope of serving the world with Sanjeevini prayers through setting up Broadcasts for five different situations given in the five Assignments listed below.

For each of the five Assignments:

1.  Please fill up the Sanjeevini Selection  Worksheet.  To decide on which Sanjeevinis and Sanjeevini Combinations you wish to use for each assignment, please go through the List of Body Parts Sanjeevini,  List of Diseases Sanjeevinis and  List of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.

     In each of the Assignment Sheets SSC 1 and SSC 60 are already included.

2.  Prepare a Sample of the Combination  you have decided in a medium of your  choice.

3. Please write a very brief reason for the choice of each of the Sanjeevinis or Sanjeevini Combinations that you have chosen to use. This will develop clarity in your thinking and enhance the subtle understanding of and faith in the healing power of different Sanjeevinis

4. Set up a Sanjeevini Healing Broadcast for each Assignment.

Assignment 1.

Set up a Sanjeevini Healing Broadcast  for the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health of  all beings on Planet Earth.

Download Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet for Assignment 1  HERE

Fill up a Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet for this Broadcast based on what you feel are the important Sanjeevini prayers needed for everyone’s wholistic well being.

Prepare a sample of the Sanjeevini remedy to be Broadcast

Set up the Broadcast with immense love and faith.

Assignment 2.

There are people in a particular area of your town (say Zone S) who are living in abject poverty. Their living conditions are pathetic, the children and adults are not educated , and there is very little water available to them. Many of them are undernourished because of inadequate food.  Addiction to drugs and liquor is also a major issue.

1. Download Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet for Assignment 2   HERE

2. Work out  the Sanjeeivini Combination you will Broadcast for this entire group of underprivileged people  in Zone S . Please change the name of the location to a real location of an economically challenged group dwelling in your town. That will make it a real, focused purposeful Broadcast. You could of course address the Broadcast to a much larger group – e.g.

All the economically challenged people living in my town, or my country or in a specific country or continent or in the whole world.

3. Prepare a Sample of the Combination

4. Set up a Broadcast with immense faith and devotion for a miraculous change in their lives.

Assignment 3. 

There is a long bitter hatred between the people of Nation X and Nation Y who have even fought many wars. Please suggest a Sanjeevini healing Combination for broadcasting to all the people of the two nations for awakening the values of forgiveness, tolerance, compassion and love in them for ushering in a new era of peace and harmony.

1. Download Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet for Assignment 3   HERE

2. Please fill up the Sanjeevini Selection & Broadcast Sheet for Assignment

3. Prepare a Sample of the Healing remedy for the Broadcast

4. Broadcast the remedy to all the peoples of the two nations including the Political, Military and religious leaders on either side.

This could be the long standing Arab - Israel Conflict in the Middle East or the India and Pakistan conflict or the North and South Korea divide or any other conflict any where else in the world where you wish to send your healing prayers for peace and harmony.

Assignment 4.

You have come to know that there is an epidemic of dengue fever in your city with many cases being reported from several hospitals.

Please select the Sanjeevini Combination to be used as a Preventive and Curative for Dengue after studying the symptoms and causes  of Dengue Fever. 

1. Download Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet for Assignment 4   HERE

2. Fill up the Worksheet

3. Go to the link below to browse through a Combination for Dengue which was shared as a  Sanjeevini update a few months back


4. If Dengue fever is prevalent in your country too, please make a sample of the Combination and store it safely, for use whenever needed for broadcasting or dispensing.

Assignment 5.

Please study carefully the Sanjeevini Combination for Auspicious Efforts in Examinations

details of which are given in the link below. 


1. Would you like to suggest any more Sanjeevinis  or Sanjeevini Combinations for this Combination?

2. Download Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet for Assignment 5   HERE  and fill up your choice of Sanjeevinis.

3. Prepare a Sample of this Combination and store it safely for use whenever required.

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