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"Prayers can move mountains" is a teaching which is common to all religions. Saints, sages and seers have boldly made this assertion since aeons - but how many of us truly believe it? If prayers are sincere and built on faith, mountains DO move. This has been our experience at the Sai Sanjeevini Foundation.

A fervent and ardent prayer went out from us to the Lord seeking a way of healing naturally, simply, effectively, inexpensively, quickly - a very big mountain - we might say!

But the mountain moved! Sai the Ever Compassionate Divine Mother answered our prayer by revealing the knowledge of the Sanjeevinis.

Six short months ago the SS- Sanjeevinis were introduced to healers. Since then healers have "grown" by leaps and bounds - both in numbers and in scope. We have been overwhelmed by the response from healers. Most certainly, we were not the only ones praying! Bhaktas (Lovers) of the Lord all over the world, motivated by an intense desire to serve His Creation as part of their Sadhana(spiritual practice), were praying for a simple way to alleviate suffering.

The Sanjeevinis are obviously an answer to their prayers. They "fit the bill" beautifully!

With the Lord's Grace, the system has evolved in its simplicity - becoming easier to use and easier to reach the masses. Initially, the Sanjeevini remedies were "prepared" in a wooden Fragranciser, and now our cup of joy really brims over because we have moved into the book form of the kit - which makes it easier for the system to reach far and wide at a fraction of the original cost.

In the last six months a great deal of knowledge has flowed to us through the experience of healers using the SS - Sanjeevinis all over the world. This has resulted in many new Sanjeevinis being included in the system - 54 Sanjeevinis were added in April '95 and twelve later.

Coming back to prayers - if prayers can move mountains - surely they can heal! As healers from all over the world, from all faiths and religions, are telling us - the results with the Sanjeevinis are often "astonishing", "amazing", "instantaneous", "miraculous". And, often, the sick person has not even taken the Sanjeevini orally - just keeping a photocopy of the relevant Sanjeevinis under the pillow has worked; "thinking" of the Sanjeevinis has worked; holding the bottle in the hand has worked.

The Sanjeevinis are prayers - highly focussed prayers - how they work defies explanation at the physical level. The healers know that it is not "they" - it is the Lord Who is healing. a spirit of surrender on the part of the healer instantly opens up channels of God's Love. God's Love knows no limitations. It knows no bounds - when we understand this then we will recognise the Sanjeevinis in their true form - they are a Gift of Love - from the Lord.

Each day has been a "miracle" at SSF - people phoning in and writing their experiences - all brimming over with the joy of having discovered that "yes, prayers CAN move mountains!".

July 1995                                                                           In loving service to the divine in all,

                                                                                                                            At the lotus feet


Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances (also known as the SS-Sanjeevinis or Sai Sanjeevinis or Sanjeevinis) is a prayer based system of Spiritual Healing. Before trying to explain what the system is and how it works it would be appropriate to explain what the name of the system - Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances - means, and what it is meant to signify.

One of the Holy Books of India, is the Ramayana, which tells us the story of Lord Rama. In this Holy narrative, during the final battle between Lord Rama and the evil forces (commanded by Ravana), Laxmana, the younger brother of the Lord, was fatally wounded. Lord Hanuman (the deity with the form of a monkey) was charged with the responsibility of bringing by day-break the herb called MrutSanjeevi, which, as the name signifies, brings back the dead. This herb was to be found on a hill near Mount Kailash deep in the Himalayas.                         

Lord Hanuman flew swiftly over sea and land (the battle was taking place in Lanka), but alas! when He reached the designated hill, He could not recognise the healing herb. Since nothing is impossible for our Worshipful Hero, He picked up the entire hill and flew back with it! As soon as the fragrance of the Mrutsanjeevi reached Laxmana and all those dead on the battlefield, he and the others came alive!

Sanjeevini signifies eternal health at the physical, mental and emotional level and symbolises the Eternal Knowledge of Liberation (Immortality) at the spiritual level.                                                                                    

Healing of any kind is possible only with the Grace of the  Lord - what we can do is - serve. In a spirit of total surrender, when seva (service) is offered at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, WE are purified. Maanava seva is truly Madhava seva. But, surrender is the key word if our seva is to be truly "Nishkama" (without desiring the fruit i.e. motiveless). In the course of thus serving the Lord's Creation, Eternal Knowledge flows - and thus we pray that the dual (physical and spiritual) purpose of the "Sanjeevini healing fragrances" will be served.

Hanumanji of course, is the "Presiding Deity" of this system. He is the ideal Servant of God, the ideal Devotee of God and following from this, the ideal "role model" that we so desperately need in today's environment.

Sanathana is a Sanskrit word meaning "valid for all time" or "timeless". There is present within each one of us THAT Sanathana Energy which is the cause of all cures. This Energy, this Shakthi is lying dormant within each one of us. Only when this Shakthi is awakened, can true healing take place. For this, more than anything else, the mind of man has to revert to its pristine purity. This can only be achieved if we live by "Sanathana" values i.e. Compassion, Love, Tolerance, Forbearance, Self-sacrifice, Faith, Non-Violence, Righteousness, Truth and above all Contentment (which is exemplified by surrender-in-action through the unshakeable faith that "Thy Will be Done").

Sai means "Divine Mother"- that Shakthi, that Cosmic Power, that God Power, which is the Knower of All, the Moving Force behind All, and the Doer of All in this Creation.

The Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances are therefore focussed prayers to the Divine Mother, in total surrender, to awaken the timeless healing force within each one of us.


The  Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis  are subtle spiritual vibrations of all of Nature's own healing forces. These vibrations have been harnessed (captured), through concentrated (focussed) prayers on to cards as printed patterns or symbols using the science of Radiesthesia.

Each Sanjeevini has the subtle healing energy of a focused prayer to the Omnipotent God/Goddess/the Universe/Cosmic Being to heal a particular body part or a particular disease at the physical, mental, social and spiritual level, using God’s cosmic healing energy which of course includes all known and unknown healing forces in Nature (including all systems of medicine and healing). Thus we have two categories of Sanjeevini cards or patterns – Body Part Sanjeevinis, and Disease Sanjeevinis.

An example for each of these categories is given in the Exhibit below.


                Body Part Sanjeevini Card                     Disease Sanjeevini Card

                   For Arm & Hand                                             For Asthma

                             Exhibit - Two categories of  Sanjeevinis


It helps to remember the potential of what we are working with once in a while, and hence we share a brief explanation of the prayers that created the Sanjeevini healing  patterns. These patterns are also known as Sanjeevini healing cards. We would like to clarify that   to heal with or use the Sanjeevinis you do not need to understand the process of their creation.  This information has only been included for your knowledge, and so that you know the vastness   of Sanjeevinis’ potential.                                                   

The Sanjeevini patterns have been prepared using the science of Radiesthesia. We have prayed for   guidance to arrive at a pattern which represents God’s Own healing energy.

The prayers sent forth to the Divine are, to provide a pattern using ‘His Own Sanathana  (Timeless/Eternal) Healing Energy’ – which of course includes all knownand unknown   healing      forces in Nature :


This is an elaboration on the actual Sanjeevini Patterns. There are two categories of Sanjeevini patterns, as mentioned earlier.

Of the total 324 Sanjeevinis :

There are 60 Body Part Sanjeevinis - a Sanjeevini each for common body parts from Abdomen to Whole body including a few for body systems like Circulatory system and Nervous system.

There are 264 Disease Sanjeevinis - a Sanjeevini each for a physical disease – from Acidity to Whooping Cough. a Sanjeevini each for a healthy completion of natural processes like pregnancy, childbirth. There are mental/emotional and spiritual Sanjeevinis for the awakening of divine values like Shakthi (divine energy), Shanthi(Peace), Sathya(Truth), Ahimsa (Non Violence), Honesty, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Humility, Patience, Respect for Women. This category also contains social Sanjeevinis for conditions such as Poverty and scarcity of Drinking Water and Food. The basic premise is that we are all connected in consciousness and our thoughts, words and actions are  the root cause of many diseases at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels, therefore intentions for healing at all levels lead to the healing of ourselves and thus the return to balance of the Whole.

The sub categories in the Body Parts Sanjeevinis and the Disease Sanjeevinis are explained in greater detail below. Again, the explanation is not meant to confuse or clutter; it is just meant to clarify questions that might arise when you delve into a healing system.


These Sanjeevini patterns are for healing specific body parts or body systems (regardless of the name of the disease afflicting that body part or body system.)

There are two sub categories under the Body Parts Sanjeevinis:

1.   Sanjeevinis for healing Body Parts eg Leg & Foot Sanjeevini, Heart Sanjeevini, Liver  Sanjeevini,

2.   Sanjeevinis for healing Body Systems e.g. Circulatory System Sanjeevini, Immune System Sanjeevini, Lymphatic System Sanjeevini

Examples of these two sub categories are given in the Exhibits below.


Exhibit  –  Body Parts Sanjeevinis  (BPS) – Sub category 1



Exhbit  –  Body Parts Sanjeevinis  (BPS) –Sub category 2 

A  complete list of Body Part Sanjeevinis can be viewed here


 There are three sub categories under the Disease Sanjeevinis

1.   Disease Sanjeevini  Prayers for healing specific diseases or symptoms.

2.  Disease Sanjeevini Prayers for a healthy completion of certain natural processes  like  Pregnancy and Child birth.

3.  Disease Sanjeevini Prayers for Awakening and Nourishment of Divine values within  every individual like Forgiveness, Non-violence, Compassion... Absence of these values is usually a major cause of suffering at  the physical,   mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

 1.  Diseases Sanjeevini  Prayers for healing specific diseases or symptoms

These Sanjeevini patterns are for healing specific diseases or symptoms. e.g. Asthma  Sanjeevini, Cold and Sinus Sanjeevini, Diarrhoea/Dysentry Sanjeevini, Cancer Sanjeevini, Pain Sanjeevini, Numbness Sanjeevini, Shock Sanjeevini, Anger Sanjeevini, Envy Sanjeevini.


Exhibit: Disease Sanjeevinis – Sub category 1 

2.  Disease Sanjeevini Prayers for a healthy completion of certain natural processes    like pregnancy and child birth.

These Disease Sanjeevini patterns have the subtle healing vibrations that assist in the completion in a natural and healthy way, of certain important processes. e.g. Pregnancy Sanjeevini, Childbirth Sanjeevini, Puberty (boys) Sanjeevini, Puberty (girls) Sanjeevini, Menopause Sanjeevini     


   Exhibit : Diseases Sanjeevinis – Sub category 2

3. Disease Sanjeevini Prayers for awakening and nourishment of divine values  within every being.  

Disease Sanjeevini patterns also include  Sanjeevini healing prayers for awakening and     nourishing  certain important values or positive mental and spiritual attributes like  Shakthi Sanjeevini, Shanthi Sanjeevini, Thought Management Sanjeevini, Humility Sanjeevini,  Forgiveness Sanjeevini, Ahimsa Sanjeevini, Prema Sanjeevini (Shakthi, Shanthi, Prema & Ahimsa are Sanskrit words. Shakthi means divine strength/energy, Shanthi is Peace, Prema is divine love, Ahimsa is Non-violence)

Divine values are the eternal attributes of our souls and therefore inherent in each being from birth. When we manifest these values in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions in our daily lives, we experience peace, harmony, wellness, fulfillment and bliss. We     can also easily understand that all beings have the same divine essence.  Loving all, serving all, helping ever hurting never then becomes our joyful nature.  

Whenever these values are not manifested in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and  conduct, we experience fear, worry, jealousy, conflicts and dis-ease at the physical, mental,   emotional, social and spiritual levels. 

These values, also known as human values or virtues, are universal and eternal. These are the foundation of every religion and spiritual tradition. Living by these values always ensures peace, harmony, contentment, prosperity, self satisfaction, self realization and perfect health within and without. They are the critical prerequisite for the blossoming of human excellence and for a life free from conflicts, violence, selfishness, corruption, exploitation, irreverence, flippant relationships, indiscipline, vulgarity, ostentatiousness, inefficiency, depression and despondency. They are the outward expression of the divine within each person, an expression of wholeness, of fullness (Poornatva).

Absence of these values in our thoughts, feelings, words and actions in our daily life, is one of the main causes of all physical, mental, emotional and social diseases.


Exhibit : Diseases Sanjeevinis – Sub Category 3 

A complete list of Disease Sanjeevinis can be viewed here


Every time you prepare a Sanjeevini remedy for someone, you are giving the person a combination of a few Sanjeevinis based on the symptoms or diseases the person is suffering from at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

The Section Selected Sanjeevini Combinations lists out suggestions for Combinations of Sanjeevinis  for over two hundred diseases/problems. There are 60 main Selected Sanjeevini Combinations. Each of these 60 combinations has one or more sub-combinations for different ailments. This is a good reference material for all healers, in particular for those who are just starting to work with the system. However, this will make more sense once you have begun using the Sanjeevinis as explained in the Getting Started section.

It is very useful to go through this entire section to become aware of the range of diseases covered. This also provides a good understanding on how to select relevant Sanjeevinis for different ailments. You are then ready to confidently create a  Sanjeevini Combination for any disease or problem that may not be covered under the Section.

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