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Experiences Shared By Healers From Across The World
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Om Sahanaavavatu Saha Nau Bhunaktu
Saha Viryam Karavaavahai,
Tejasvinaavadhitamastu Maa Vidvishaavahai,
Om Shaantih... Shaantih... Shaantih...

May the Lord protect us (by revealing knowledge)
May He nourish us  
May we work together with great vigour  
May we acquire brilliance of intellect through our studies  
May we never misunderstand each other.

Om Peace! Peace! Peace!


 Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances is a self-learning, prayer-based spiritual healing system for awakening the innate healing power and wisdom of every being. It is also commonly known as ‘Sai Sanjeevini healing’ or simply ‘Sanjeevini healing.’

The healing system is offered with humility, unconditional love and intense faith  for the physical, mental. social, financial and spiritual upliftment of every being in the universe irrespective of religion, caste, creed, colour, race or nationality.

The essence of the system is best understood by going through the three sections A Gift of Love’,  ‘The Significance of the Name’  and 'Experiences shared by Healers from across the world'. We recommend that before delving into the hands on usage of the system, you study these three sections to get a deeper understanding of the essence of Sanjeevini healing, the  spirit of surrender in which it is meant to be used and its healing potential.

The Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis healing fragrances (generally known as Sai Sanjeevinis or Sanjeevinis) are highly focused prayers to God to heal a particular body part or a particular disease at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels, using His cosmic healing energy. Each Sanjeevini prayer is harnessed or captured in a Sanjeevini healing card or pattern.

There are at present 60 Body Parts Sanjeevini Cards and 264 Diseases Sanjeevini Cards. The Section What are Sanjeevinis?'  will give you a detailed description of various categories and sub categories of Sanjeevinis available for healing.

The healing vibrations of every Sanjeevini can be used in many ways. You can choose any way that appeals to you or is convenient for you. Some of the commonly used methods are listed below:

1. By charging a medium of your choice (usually water, sugar globules or vibhuti) and taking this charged medium as a remedy in recommended dosage.

2. By touching the relevant Sanjeevini Card(s) or by just looking at the Card(s) in silence or even by intensely thinking and recalling the name of the relevant card(s).

3. By broadcasting a prepared Sanjeevini remedy to an individual or to a large group of people or to animals and plants. This method is also known as Distance healing. It is very useful during epidemics or calamities.

The most common way of dispensing the Sanjeevini remedies is in water or plain homeopathic globules. Remedies for virtually any ailment are prepared by keeping the water or the globules on the desired Sanjeevini cards for a certain time (15 seconds or more). Repeating an affirmation, a mantra or a prayer from any religion or faith (there is only One God and He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent), while preparing the remedies is highly recommended. It strengthens the positive healing vibrations going out to the patient, besides doing immense good to the healer and our planet in general. The water or the globules thus charged with the healing prayers become the remedy to be taken frequently in acute cases (6 to 9 times a day or more), and at longer intervals (3 to 6 times a day) for chronic cases.

Vibhuti (sacred ash) which has its own miraculous healing power is also a preferred medium for some people, wherever it is conveniently available.

The medium used for charging can also be any other drink or food item that can be taken orally. It is important to remember that all mediums used for charging are equally potent. In countries where it is not possible to procure homeopathic globules from pharmacies, people are very happy using water as the medium for charging.

All the above is explained in great detail in the Section Getting Started with a few examples on how to prepare Sanjeevini healing remedies and with answers to FAQ (frequently asked questions).

The entire healing system including all the healing cards is available for free browsing and downloading online.

The entire system including all the Sanjeevini Healing Cards is also available in the spiral bound hard copy of the book ‘A Healer’s Guide’ which can be ordered online here.

A Self learning Tutorial is available at www.saisanjeevini.org for those who are serious about learning the healing system and working with it for offering selfless healing service to humanity.


Healing with the Sanjeevinis is very simple - no prior medical knowledge is required to work with the healing system. A selfless, loving desire to relieve suffering with prayers is the only prequalification needed.

Sanjeevinis are being used universally by people across the globe, irrespective of religion, race or nationality; financial, social or professional status. There are Reiki healers, Pranic  healers, EFT healers, Radionics healers,  Vibrionic healers and other energy system healers; Yoga practitioners, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Allopathic  and Ayurvedic doctors who are using the system along with the healing systems in which they specialize.

 Sanjeevini  are extremely subtle spiritual vibrations for restoring balance and harmony in the bcbody, mind, emotions and spirit, and therefore all Sanjeevini remedies act as a preventive  as well as a curative . You can never go wrong in their usage. 


Sanjeevini healing is simple. It is so simple that we sometimes forget how simple it is! We often try to intellectually battle with the Sanjeevini list to decide which Sanjeevini would be most appropriate for a particular case!  Often, fear of misusing the Sanjeevinis, (i.e. giving the “wrong” Sanjeevini), prompts us to go through much unnecessary worry.  There is NOTHING TO FEAR. With the Sanjeevinis you can never go wrong.  

Suppose there was someone far away who had injured her knee, and you thought she had injured her arm. You went to your altar and prayed for her injured arm to be healed. Does that mean that the All Powerful Healer of the Universe, the Supreme Being, considers your prayer worthless because you prayed for the healing of the wrong body part? 

Remember that the Sanjeevinis are prayers. Just as you can never go wrong with prayers, you can NEVER go wrong with the Sanjeevinis. You do your best…the Lord alone heals.  Learn to rely more and more on your inner guidance, your inner intuition. That is the supreme guide. The Sanjeevinis are instruments that bring you back into balance with your own inner healing power and wisdom, that God has gifted us all with. As you begin to use the Sanjeevinis, your intuition will get stronger and guide you to the right solutions – be they from Energy healing alone, or a combination of  Allopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy or any other system of medicine. 

The Sanjeevinis can be taken happily along with any other system of treatment. Being immensely subtle spiritual vibrations, Sanjeevinis operate at a very deep level of consciousness to effect the healing and will enhance the healing process of all healing systems.


(Range of Diseases or Conditions) 

Sanjeevini healing remedies can be prepared for every disease or condition of imbalance at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. The list below includes a few of the vast range of ailments and problems that are covered.

Colds, Coughs, all kinds of Fevers and Flu, Constipation, Diarrhea, other Digestion problems. Diabetes, Kidney problems, Liver Problems, Ear problems, Eye Problems, Throat problems, Respiratory tract and Lungs related problems; Thyroid problems, Brain and Nervous system related problems, Skin problems, Rheumatism and Arthritis Problems, Back related problems, Injuries, Bleeding, Cancers (all), AIDS, Bites and Stings, Children’s diseases, Female problems, Male problems, Obesity, Anorexia, Whooping cough, Addiction to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine,  etc.

In the mental, emotional and spiritual categories, there are Sanjeevinis for conditions such as Anger, Greed, Envy, Hatred, Resentment, Depression, Indiscipline and others, as well as Sanjeevinis to  encourage divine qualities such as Truth, Right Conduct, Compassion, Peace, Forgiveness etc.

In the social categories, Sanjeevinis empower individuals to focus their heartfelt concern and prayers  on world conditions such as Poverty, Environmental Pollution, Drinking water (scarcity) etc.

Sanjeevini healing remedies work beautifully on Animals and Plants as well.  

Our connection with every being does not end with a particular physical form dissolving at death. Sanjeevini healing remedies can be broadcast to the departed souls for their eternal peace and bliss in which ever plane of consciousness (loka) they may have moved on to.


 The experiences of a few healers from across the world will give you some idea of the potential and scope of the healing system. However, when you work with the subtle healing vibrations of prayers, the conviction about the system’s effectiveness can only develop through your personal experience. Others testimonials can at best be an inspiration for getting started.

It is therefore recommended that you should use the Sanjeevinis for all kinds of problems: simple. acute, chronic and the most difficult ones too. Some people may not be able to dispense remedies in a medium for various reasons.  That should not discourage them from gaining more experience. They can always setup Sanjeevini Broadcasts. Distance Healing through Broadcasting of Sanjeevinis is as effective as giving the Sanjeevinis in a medium. Use this simple yet most profound method to enhance your healing experiences.


 Please note and always remember the following:

 1.      That your professional medical doctor is your best guide for diagnosis and treatment of your medical problems.

 2.      Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances system being shared on this website or in the book  'A Healer’s Guide',  is not a substitute for your medical doctor’s  diagnosis and treatment of medical problems.

 3.      The Sanjeevinis can always be taken along with every other system of medicine you are  following – Allopathic,   Ayurvedic, Homeopathic etc. Being extremely subtle spiritual healing vibrations for establishing wholistic balance in the body, mind and spirit, the Sanjeevinis will always enhance the healing process of every other system


With love, humility and gratitude we share below the experiences of a few Sanjeevini healers.

Many dedicated Sanjeevini users of today were great skeptics to begin with. Since the healing energy of the system is completely spiritual (extremely subtle), the whole system does sound far fetched or pure fiction to a rational, scientific, intelligent, thinking mind which has no experience of energy healing.   That is quite natural because how the Sanjeevinis work cannot be explained or understood at the level of the senses or the mind.      

The only way you can know whether the system works or not, is by using it. 

Through one’s personal experience alone one develops faith and conviction in any spiritual healing system. Others testimonials can at best are an inspiration for getting started.

We would therefore suggest that you should gain experience by using the system for all kinds of problems – simple, acute and chronic.  Use the system for common colds, coughs, fevers, headaches. Use it for acute problems like severe pain, injury, bleeding; use it for chronic problems like Diabetes, Arthritis, Vision related problems; use the Sanjeevinis for mind related problems like anger, depression, hatred, greed; use these healing fragrances for awakening and nourishing divine  qualities like Truth, Forgiveness , Non-violence, Compassion, Humility.

Since Sanjeevinis are healing prayers for establishing wholistic balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit, they can not have any side effects.

You can use Sanjeevinis along with any other system of healing as they do not interfere with the healing action of other systems like Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Herbal or Spiritual systems like Reiki, Pranic healing, EFT, Vibrionics…

Some people may not be able to dispense Sanjeevini remedies in a medium for various reasons.  That should not discourage them from gaining more experience. They can always setup Sanjeevini healing Broadcasts. Distance Healing through Broadcasting of Sanjeevinis is as effective as giving the Sanjeevinis in a medium. Use this simple yet most profound method to enhance your healing experiences.


I have been using these “healing fragrances” on myself and others for about 4 months with miraculous results!! I want to thank-you for making this "science" available to myself and the world!!!!! I am wondering if you have a Disease Sanjeevinis for Cystic Fybrosis.......also I would like to be on your mailing list.

T.H.  – UK


“I had the good fortune of attending your lecture in Chennai, during February ’99. Thank you so very much for having taught us this wonderful Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing system. People like me would ever be grateful to God, Sathya Sai Baba and yourself for this very simple, cheap and effective healing system.

Even though I have been a Pranic healer for a number of years, I find that I am using the Sanjeevini healing system more often. There have been some miraculous cures. Those patients are extremely grateful and happy.”

N.M., Chennai.


Unfortunately I never visited your beautiful country. I came in contact with the Sanjeevini method in the Nineties through a friend. As I told you, I am a sceptic, so I decided to try this simple healing system for myself. I was very surprised that the method worked so well, also with animals, who can not “fake” the outcome. So I was “hooked”. To me it was a miracle system and I took it upon me to translate the complete healing system for those who did not master the English language. And there are still a lot of people in the Netherlands who can not speak, read or understand English. It took me three months to translate the complete system, including all the appendices like the chapter about vaccinations etc., and all the Sanjeevini cards into Dutch, but it was worth it. People do not always order the book with me, they also copy it from a friend or relative.

C.H. - The Netherlands


I am interested in having a copy of the book, Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini, Healing fragrances.I saw one when I was in India,I wanted to buy it but didn't have the chance to go back to the store.I have downloaded the system and tried the process and it worked amazingly.I want to keep a clean
copy and continue to use it together with what I'm practicing, REIKI.

S.C.V. - USA


“Hi brothers and sisters: I want to thank you all for Sanjeevini foundation. So does the same to Shri Sathya Sai Baba Avatar for His auspicious blessing to us all through the healing fragrances. I have learnt to help people quietly and lovingly surrendering all this wonderful seva at the Lotus Feet of Sai Baba.

I have seen three miraculous healings: one; a five days non stop bleeding from a prostatectomy in a very critical and hopeless condition – I reach out my healing fragrance box and asked Swamy for help. I prepared it as a ultimate effort for retaining a human life within a body, next day the patient stopped bleeding at the same hour of Sanjeevini help according to the records of that day. The other two healings experiences were with women who could not begotten a child respectively and both did! And they had the holy chance of bearing theirs children. I am a allopathic medical doctor and for me it is a subtle and wordless way of approach my career. I share this humble experience because it belongs to God and humanity. Thank you. Om Sai Ram."

Dr. R.B. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


“I am a Reiki healer and I had a patient with a painful hip. I started by putting my hands on his hip, and then suddenly thought to place the book of Sanjeevinis on him, with his finger resting on the Hip Sanjeevini. When I put my hands back on him, he exclaimed how much hotter my hands were! I couldn’t believe it, so I removed the book, put my hands back, and he told me that although my hands were warm, they were not hot like they were before! I replaced the book and continued with my treatment.”

S.D., United Kingdom.


“The story of how a book of Sanjeevini came into my hand is an amazing one and I will not trouble you with it, just that it was meant to be.

Many people have responded in a positive manner to the healings they have received through the Sanjeevinis. I am interested in obtaining more of the history of how the Sanjeevinis were developed and some of the ways they are used throughout the world. I am planning to write some magazine articles to further promote their use in Australia and Victoria.”

H.B.J. - Australia.


“I have started using Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini spiritual healing system recently. The results are miraculous.”

S.G. - Chennai, India


“Thank you so much for the book and your love and best wishes. The book is a blessing to mankind. I am using it with great joy and thankfulness. It is of special importance to me as I often wish to send healing to friends in need in distance places and I hear of wonderful healing taking place. “

R. L. - Australia


“Our Sanjeevini work is going on nicely with the Grace of Bhagawan. More and more people are getting interested in this work. Miraculous cures are taking place... His Love and compassion is particularly overflowing in Narayana colonies and among poor people  through Sanjeevinis - though others are also fully benefited.”

K.R.P. – Orissa, India


“I am using the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing System. My Friends have obtained very good results from it. Of course, they are wonder struck, on how could “a set of pictures” give such relief. I consider it Bhagawan’s Grace.”

K.B. – Karnataka, India


“I am working with the translated dutch edition. Several friends who are already healers by energy transformation, have very good results. We are very-very happy with this present of Baba."

R.M.- Netherlands


I would like to ask permission to place a link to your website from my website. I am a Reiki master and I like working with Sanjeevinis. This is a beautiful way of helping people to recover from different diseases. The lady who has translated the book in Dutch taught me how to work with Sanjeevinis.Would you please consider my question, I think it would help a lot of people to read that there is a very nice and loving way that one can get healed.



I have been using sanjeevini healing with success and was approached by many users in Parthy. One suggestion. Please make this known - your site and the complete facilities utilities therein so that people can access.



I have had incredible success with your healing patterns.  Everyone I have printed them for has had remarkable experiences. In the beginning I even used them improperly and they worked.  I have given them to clients and friends with both acute and chronic illnesses.

 I have had only one exception, myself & son.  We had bronchitis, fever and a teriible cough that has hung on for weeks.  We are now experiencing some wellness.  I have used the patterns daily in hopes that we could get some releif, but finally used some Traditional medicine (which was not my first choice).  What do you think I'm doing wrong?  I would so like the patterns to work for me and my family.  I beleive deeply in your work and healing modality and am so greatful to have found them.  Could someone please write me with some suggestions.

V. Australia


A truly magnificent healing system coming into being  & the most appropriate way of healing, balancing correcting and harmonizing at the right time. I am deeply honoured to have been introduced and given the opportunity to be of service.

U.E.- UK


I started 2 days ago using your cards and the results are unbelievable. Our lives have already started to change. Thank you very much!

U.- U.K.


I have been succesfully using the spiritual healing cards for needy persons.
The results are amazing. As such i request you to kindly mail me the new
developments in this fields

S.B.P. – India


I am a therapist and Sai devotee and I have got Your healing fragrances and I use them and give the texts and charts to other people. Now, I see your information about nutrition also interesting. Is it possible to send me your book about diet? I would be very happy and possibly translate it into Czech .

ZP - Czech Republic


I respect the prayer fragances a lot and as a matter of fact I use them a lot for healing.  I have two questions: 1. I use the prayer fragances for my patients.  How do I pay you part of my profits that I do with your saisanjeevini? 2.   I have use in the past saisanjjeevini related to love,  filial love,  respect,   security..... and so on.  Is there any place where I could find them in the web site or a place I could buy them?

T.C.E. - Mexico


My Indian friend gave me a copy of "Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing
fragrances-A Healer's Guide". I have been using it since then. I believe "Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini"
is one of great wisdom for human beings.

I would like to present this book to my brother who is very interested in this treatment. He lives inJapannow.

M.T. – Los Angeles,  USA


Since the Sanjeevinis are subtle spiritual vibrations of healing prayers offered in loving surrender to God there is no question of any side effects.

The Sanjeevinis do not interfere with other systems of medicine that the patient may be using such as Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Yunani, Naturopathy, Yoga or any alternative energy healing methods such as Reiki,  Pranic healing, Vibro healing etc.

The Sanjeevinis can be administered side-by-side with any other healing system. Being balancing healing vibrations the Sanjeevinis always enhance (never hinder) the healing effect of every other system.

Patients being offered Sanjeevini remedies must always be told to continue taking their normal medication as advised by their medical doct


The Sanjeevinis provide an effective and inexpensive way of doing selfless service to the community we live in, as well as to the communities of our underprivileged brethren in cities and villages. The Section Healing with the SSS healing frgarances offers some insights into different ways  community service is being done with the Sanjeevinis.

Always begin your healing work with a prayer/chanting/meditation to connect with the Divine Healer - the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord. Thy Will be done – this attitude of mind allows the healer to spontaneously remember that it is not his/her little ego, but the Divine power that is healing. Indeed this attitude or bhava has been the sum and substance of the spirit in which the Sanjeevinis have been prepared. ‘Love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never’ has been the mantra which has continuously nourished this attitude. It is this feeling of selfless love and service which is motivating people all over the world to serve selflessly and to share knowledge of Sanjeevini healing with others.

Each Sanjeevini has a prayer for inner guidance for the patient (and for whoever is looking after the patient at home or at the hospital) on what is the correct diet and lifestyle that would help the healing process. However, it would be helpful for everyone to be aware of the kind of diet and lifestyle that promotes health and healing and, equally important, to know of the damaging effects of certain kinds of food and way of life.

When a patient walks in or calls up, remember it is only God in disguise. He has come to give us an opportunity to serve Him. There is divinity in the healer too which is reaching out to lovingly serve the divine in the patient  The Sanjeevinis that the healer gives to the patient also have the divine healing energy of prayers. When the three "forms" come together in a true spirit of surrender - harmony will begin to flow.

When seva (service) is offered in this spirit, every act we perform picks up the "healing fragrances" from the Lord's Lotus Feet - every act is then rendered holy, and harmony flows. Healing is just this - restoring harmony. We don't do it - the Lord does.

What is the reward for the seva (service) that we render with selfless love?

Self satisfaction, peace, contentment, fulfillment and bliss through a deeper understanding and experience of the divine within and all around us.


Avery important learning that occurs through using the Sanjeevinis is learning to work with the spirit of surrender. The healer is always fervently praying for a miraculous healing in every case but the outcome and timing are left in the hands of the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God. The healer’s intention to heal is very strong, but the process and the results are left to Divine Will.

As a healer it is important to listen to every patient’s problems patiently and with compassion, whether it is on the telephone or in a personal meeting. It is equally important that whatever information the patient shares with you in terms of his/her ailments or any personal, interpersonal, financial problems or problems regarding any addictions,  must always be kept confidential. That is the implicit trust that a patient should have in every healer.  That must be the level of our integrity in Sanjeevini Seva

Another pitfall to be watchful of is the tendency to judge patients after you have listened to their story. This must be rooted out completely from our thoughts and feelings if we wish to evolve through our seva.  Comapssion is like a balm which relieves suffering and promotes healing. Being compassionate means to accept the patient as he or she is.  Judgment implies condemnation and is a clear sign of our ego showing its ugly head in the healing work, the very ego that we want to obliterate through our selfless service (seva). Judgment is one of the root causes of disease at the deepest level. The more the healer is free from judgment, the more the patient will be inspired to get rid of judgment within him or her.

Thy Will be done – this attitude of mind allows the healer to spontaneously remember that it is not his/her little ego, but the Divine power that is healing. Indeed this attitude or bhava has been  the sum and substance of the spirit in which the Sanjeevinis have been prepared.

When any healing seva (service) is offered in this spirit of surrender, there is much to gain. We transcend our ego and deepen our connection with the divine within us. We experience in greater measure, the treasures of eternal peace, love, harmony and joy within – the ultimate goal of human existence.

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