Preparing Sanjeevini refills for patients
with the Multiplication & Broadcasting card

Once a small sample of a Sanjeevini remedy or combination for a specific ailment is ready you have the convenience of being able to provide a quick refill in as large a quantity as required. This is done as below.

Lets say you have made a remedy i.e. charged vibhuthi or pills or water in a bottle, with all the Sanjeevinis needed for a bleeding leg injury (Example 1 in  A  few examples of how to prepare Sanjeevini remedies). You can retain a few globules or a small amount of Vibhuti or a small quantity of water  from this remedy as a “sample” and use this sample to charge any fresh medium for a refill with this Leg injury remedy.

Download the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card HERE and take a printout, or if you have a copy of the book - A Healer's Guide, go to the page with the Multiplication & Broadcasting card in the Exhibits section of the book. 

1. Place the sample in the small circle marked "Sample" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting card.

2. Place the bottle containing your fresh medium in the circle marked "Output" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting card.                                                                                                                                                                        

             Transferring Vibrations from a charged Sample in Vibhuti into fresh globules

3. Leave for half a minute or more. Remember, chanting a mantra or saying an affirmation or a prayer  while the new medium is being charged, is an important part of preparing the remedy.

4. The medium in the "Output" circle is now ready, having been charged with all the vibrations that were in the original sample.

In this case, your fresh medium now contains the vibrations of the four Sanjeevinis that were included in the original ‘Leg injury with bleeding’ remedy.

This same principle can be used to replenish your supply of any Sanjeevini remedy you’ve made for anyone. Either retain a sample of the remedy given to a patient or simply ask patients to retain a little bit of their remedy in a container (for example: four or five sugar globules or a pinch of vibhuthi.) and bring it back to you for a refill. This now becomes your sample for that person’s remedy. Place the sample on the multiplication card, as mentioned above, and a fresh container of globules on the output circle on the right side of the card. Follow the steps outlined above. You now have a replenished supply of a specific combination of Sanjeevinis you had created earlier for your patient.

Suggestions for several Sanjeevini Combinations for different ailments are given in detail in the section Selected Sanjeevini Combinations. If Samples of all these combinations (or at least for the most common ailments) are ready, dispensing the Sanjeevinis becomes extremely easy. Please see section for details on How to prepare samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combination.

Adding  more Sanjeevinis to your sample or remedy.

If you wish to add new Sanjeevinis to this refill/replenished supply, you can do so by following the same steps mentioned in “How to prepare a Sanjeevini remedy”

Let us continue with the case of a leg injury with bleeding. You have already  prepared the remedy. The patient suddenly remembers that he/she has a mild fever too. You would then take the bottle with the remedy for the leg injury and place it on the Fever and Flu Sanjeevini for 15 seconds or more. Repeat your Mantra or affirmation or Prayer from any faith or be in silence during this time. The remedy now has the Fever and Flu Sanjeevini included in it.

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