on the Broadcasting Function of the M&B card

Q.        What should be the quantity of the medium used for preparing the remedy to be broadcast?

Ans:    For the purpose of broadcasting we need to prepare only a small quantity of  the remedy to be broadcast. e.g. a few pills or a couple of pinches of  vibhuti  or a small quantity of water in a glass or bottle is adequate. You can of course use a large quantity of a medium as a sample also. The Selected Sanjeevini Combination samples are usually prepared with a small amount of vibhuthi or pills or water.


                                              Vibhuti in a bottle                              Water in a dropper bottle


                                                     Pills in Zip bag                                          Vibhuti in Zip bag

                                                Samples in different mediums  for Broadcasting of Sanjeevinis


Q.        If I am broadcasting a remedy to say, one Mr Alok Aggarwal, how can I be sure  that the broadcast is reaching to the Alok Aggarwal I want to send to? There   are thousands of people with the same name. Should I not have the name and  address or a photograph of the patient placed on the output circle to avoid any  confusion or mistakes?

Ans.   God is Omniscient. He knows from your thoughts which Alok Aggarwal in the      whole world you intend sending the Sanjeevini healing vibrations to.Therefore only the name is enough.

            Unshakeable Faith in the Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God   is the foundation of the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing system. A photo graph and/or address can certainly be added but it is not necessary at all in  the Sanjeevini healing system.

Q        Is it necessary to renergise or refresh the broadcast every day with prayers?

Ans.   No, it is not. For some cases you may want to refresh the broadcast twice a day, for some once a day; for others it may be once every three days or week.Please  go by your inner guidance for every case.

            The broadcast goes on uninterrupted once you have started it.  However your   compassionate concern for the person, group of people, nations or mother earth may prompt you from within to refresh your broadcast frequently depending  upon the seriousness of the problem for which the broadcast is being set up.

Q.        How long should the broadcast be kept on?

Ans    This could be a few minutes, a few hours, a day, a few days or weeks depending on the problem. For some cases the response is immediately discerned. Other times  you may want to keep it on for longer periods.

            Again for broadcasts for some problems you may want to keep going indefinitely. E.g. the Broadcast to all beings on Mother Earth for peace and harmony. Another    example of a   24/7 broadcast - we can put ourselves on a continuous broadcast with SSC 1 and SSC 60 (the Sai Sanjeevini Tonic) so that we may always follow the path of virtue and stay protected from all negativity.

Q         I understand the procedure for Broadcasting but what I don’t understand is  how the healing vibrations travel thousands of miles or even a few feet to the   person through this process.

Ans :   The person may be residing in any part of the world. Distance is irrelevant in the   healing broadcast. Remember prayers work in the infinitely vast spiritual   realm of God which is all pervading and omniscient and transcends matter, space and time. This is the domain of selfless love and faith. The more the purity of our intentions, love and faith with which we offer our prayers, the more  effective will be the broadcast.

Q          What is the nature of the Sanjeevini healing vibrations?

Ans :   Many people are anxious and keen to know the nature of the energy that flows from the Sanjeevini cards into the pills or vibhuthi or water and then gets transmitted over a distance.

            Every Sai Sanjeevini Card is an ever -full reservoir of the energy of God’s love  captured with focused healing prayers offered with intense faith and selfless love, using the science of Radiesthesia.

            It is the healing energy of God’s love that is flowing from the Sanjeevini Cards to the pills or into any other medium. Our faith in God is the carrier of that energy. His love cannot be bound by matter, space or time - it flows freely and instantly             when He is called upon to help with prayers.

            All of us have had experiences of some of our fervent prayers being answered.  Intuitively we  know that it’s our love for God and our faith in Him which answers  our prayers.

            The deeper understanding of how the Sanjeevini healing prayers work will also flow intuitively through our personal healing experiences.

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