Distance healing with the M & B Card

When a patient is not able to take the Sanjeevinis orally - for example when a person is unconscious, in a coma, in intensive care, or away in another city or country (the distance is immaterial), it is possible to broadcast the Sanjeevini vibrations at a distance.

Distance healing by broadcasting or transmitting the Sanjeevinis is a dynamic way to heal. This way of healing is the "first choice" of many healers even in situations where the patient is able to take the Sanjeevinis orally. It is not necessary to opt for this method only in a situation when the patient cannot take the Sanjeevinis orally.  A broadcast can always be set up for every patient even if the patient is being given the remedies orally.

To broadcast the healing energy of Sanjeevini prayers to a patient, follow this simple process given below:

Step 1.   Prepare the required Sanjeevini remedy for the patient in a bottle or a paper or plastic bag, based on the known symptoms or problems.

Step 2.  Place the sample in the circle marked "sample" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting card.

Step 3.  Write the name of the patient on a small piece of paper and place it on the circle marked "Output"

Broadcasting of Sanjeevini healing vibrations with M & B Card

Step 4.   For a minute or more be in silence or say a prayer from any faith or repeat your affirmation or chant your favourite mantra. Consciously be in surrender to the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient One who is the source of all healing in the Universe.

The healing broadcast is now on.

Leave the broadcast on for as long as required i.e. until the patient shows signs of healing. This could be a few minutes in some cases where the response is almost instantaneous or a couple of  days/weeks or more in other cases.

You can reenergize your broadcast once a day (or when ever you are guided from within) by visualizing the broadcast in your mind and praying/chanting/being in silence as explained in Step 4 above. It is not necessary to be in front of the multiplication and broadcasting card to refresh the broadcast. You can do this from any where.

A few points to note:

1. In order to prevent the paper with the name from flying off you may weigh it down with an ordinary pebble or coin or alternatively use card paper

2. In order to keep many healing broadcasts going for different patients simultaneously, please make photocopies of the Multiplication and Broadcasting card. 

3.The person may be residing in any part of the world. Distance does not affect the healing broadcast. Remember prayers work in the infinitely vast spiritual realm of God which is all pervading and omniscient.

4. There is enormous scope for serving the world with Distance healing.

Through Sanjeevini healing Broadcasts we can reach out with our healing love and prayers to individuals, groups of people, an entire nation or several nations, the whole world. We can place the entire world on a 24/7 broadcast for peace, love, and harmony.

Broadcasting gives the  Sanjeevini healer the opportunity to reach out quickly and lovingly with focused healing vibrations to people affected in natural calamities or people suffering in wars, racial and religious conflicts, epidemics or pandemics, or people suffering from food and water scarcity, victims of kidnapping...

We can also set up broadcasts for healing animals and plants.

Dogs, cats, cows- all animals respond very well to healing Broadcasts. If you are an animal lover, please do set up Broadcasts for your pets whenever needed and observe the results for yourself. Any other form of treatment that you are giving to them can of course continue.

Broadcasts for a peaceful and auspicious transition of the soul whenever it departs from the body at the time of death.

Our connection of Oneness with every soul is eternal.  It does not end with the dissolution of the body at the time of death. When a person passes away, we can always set up a broadcast for a peaceful and blissful evolution of the soul into the highest realm of Consciousness or the highest loka.

For answers to frequently asked questions on the Broadcasting Of Sanjeevinis, please  click HERE


Sanjeevini Seva during Calamities and epidemics through Broadcasting.

No matter which part of the world we are located in, as Sanjeevini healers we have the opportunity to offer our humble and loving service to help relieve the suffering of our brethren wherever the calamity has struck.

We can do this by broadcasting the Sanjeevini healing prayers with intense love and faith to all beings who are in physical, emotional, financial and spiritual distress due to the Calamity (or epidemic) and its aftermath.

There are so many different calamities striking almost every day in different parts of the world. Make up the required Sanjeevini combination and place it on the circle marked "sample" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card. On the circle marked "Output" place either a map of the region which is affected or if that is not available just write the name of the region on a piece of paper and leave it to broadcast indefinitely. Alternatively you can address the broadcast to : All those affected by the Earhquake in Country X on …date…

Imagine the impact of the vibrations being sent out by hundreds of broadcasts simultaneously. We feel that broadcasting just SSC 1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination and SSC 60 Awakening of Divine Values combination to a map of the world, by a number of healers would also make a difference to the conditions prevailing on this planet.

Many healers feel very frustrated with the atrocities being commited on animals in the name of health care, beauty and nutrition. Broadcasting SSC1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi +SSC 60 Divine Values Combination+ BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini + SAFE Sanjeevini to the "animals of the world" would make a difference. Try it! You would be doing something positive to help and it will most certainly take away the feeling of utter helplessness that you feel today!

The suggested Combination for Calamities like Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes or any other calamities like accidents on land, sea, mid-air is as below:

The Calamities Combination

SSC1      Sarva Shakthi Combination

 SSC60    Divine Values Combination.

 SSC 18    Emergencies Combination

 SSC 26    Injuries Combination

SSC 6      Bleeding and Hemorrhage Combination

SSC 21    Fevers  and Flu (all types)Combination

BPS 54    Whole Body Sanjeevini

DS 216    Faith Sanjeevini

DS 255    Helplessness Sanjeevini

DS 114    Shanthi Sanjeevini


SSC 18  EmergenciesCombination has the fervent prayers for urgently reestablishing harmony and peace in all the five elements to subdue and quieten mother  nature’s fury in the form of floods. It also has the fervent prayers for an urgent healing help for all those affected by the calamity.

SSC 26 Injuries Combination is for healing of all injuries suffered at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

SSC 6   Bleeding or Hemorrhage Combination for healing of all bleeding- internal or external.

SSC 21 Fevers and Flu (all types) Combination  A common symptom for several possible ailments in a natural disaster.

BPS 54  Whole body Sanjeevini The whole body is usually affected in a Earhquake. This Sanjeevini prayer also seeks forgiveness for any Karmic debts that are due individually or collectively.

You could of course also add Head Sanjeevini, Face Sanjeevini, Leg and Foot Sanjeevini, Arm and Hand Sanjeevini Chest Sanjeevini, Abdomen Sanjeevini, Shoulder Sanjeevni. Neck Sanjeevini, Back Sanjeevin, Head Sanjeevini the major body parts that can be affected.

DS 216  Faith  Sanjeevini  Faith in  God and His  divine plan for each one of us . Faith implies surrender to His will. Faith in our God gifted inner strength to meet every challenge with courage, confidence, optimism and equanimity

DS 255 Helplessness Sanjeevini  is for overcoming this extremely negative  defeatist feeling to face the toughest of challenges in life with faith, courage and conviction.

DS 114 Shanthi Sanjeevini (Eternal Peace) for harmony and tranquility in Mother Nature, for peace within and without for every one affected and for eternal peace for the souls of all those who passed away in the tragic calamity.

 DS 247 Consolation Sanjeevini  Grief is but natural when we lose a dear one or loose everything material that we may have built or accumulated over a life time.. Consolation Sanjeevini is a prayer to grant solace to even those who are in inconsolable anguish. It is a prayer to awaken the profound wisdom of understanding the impermanence and transitory nature of all names and forms and to be focused on the core of every being - the immortal self, atman or divinity.

Please add more Sanjeevinis or Sanjeevini combinations as per your  inner guidance like  the Digestion Combination, Lung and chest Combination, Throat problems Combination… as these problems usually show up in most natural calamities like floods, earthquakes...


For those who are  working at the site of the disaster, it is advisable to prepare a large quantity of the combination of Sanjeevinis which is most relevant for those affected and distribute it. In many countries because of the strict medical laws, it may not be possible or advisable to give any remedy for oral ingestion even if it is charged homeo globules or water.  The simplest and the most effective way to serve during calamities is :

Prepare a large quantity of the remedy for Calamities in Vibhuti or pills or turmeric powder or rice grains, or distilled water.

Fill up a large quantity of ½ drahm plastic bottles with this remedy. Each bottle is a Sample of the remedy.

Make several copies of Multiplication and Broadcasting Cards. These should be preferably laminated for durability.

To every family affected in the calamity (or to as many as you can serve), lovingly offer a sample of the remedy in ½ drahm bottle along with a copy of the M & B card.

Explain to them the procedure for charging their fresh drinking water with healing remedies using the charged Sample in the bottle and the M & B Card. Emphasize the importance of praying during the process of charging.  Give them an idea of the dosage. Reassure them that these subtle healing vibrations of focused prayers will always help in the wholistic well being and can never do any harm. Also you could share with them the broadcasting function and tell them to keep their whole family on a broadcast with the sample.

Alternatively, you can give every family a set of the relevant Sanjeevini Combination Sheets and explain to them how they can charge their daily drinking water directly from the Combination Sheets.

If there is complete truthfulness and transparency in whatever seva we are offering we have nothing to fear.  The persons being served also feel reassured and can make a truly informed choice on whether they want to use the remedies or not. The Government or Health Authorities should have no objections to distribution of Combinations Sheets for self  healing with prayers.

Ultimately of course you have to be guided from within on which is the best way for you to offer you healing service depending on the need of the hour and the local conditions..


“Calamities must deepen your courage, enlarge your faith; your spiritual practice must be intensified just when the weather is inclement. In fair weather, a care-free attitude is pardonable, but, in foul  weather, every precaution is of value.”

                                                                                       - Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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