This section is really the most important section for getting a good hands on experience of Sanjeevini healing. Please go through this section carefully, step by step, to understand the process of preparing samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations

People who have spent 3 to 4 hours on this section preparing samples of all the Combinations have never looked back in their healing work. Most of their doubts get cleared whilst preparing the samples. They can confidently prepare Sanjeevini remedies for the most complicated cases.

Please do not be in a hurry whilst preparing your samples. Let the mind be completed dedicated and devoted to this sacred work whenever you decide to do it.  Be in prayerful communion with God whilst engaged in the preparation, joyfully visualizing  miraculous healings  happening with the samples with the Lord’s healing grace. 

Q. What is a Sample of a Sanjeevini Combination?

A Sample is a small quantity of a medium charged with the healing vibrations of all the Sanjeevinis that are included in the Combination.

Q. What is the advantage of keeping samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations?

A sample can be used for multiplying or transferring all the healing vibrations contained in it into a fresh medium using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card, in half a minute. Using samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations is an extremely efficient way of preparing a fresh remedy for the most complicated case with several problems. Without a sample, you will have to charge a fresh medium by going to all the Sanjeevini Cards contained in one or more combinations that you may wish to use for every case. For example if you were to prepare a remedy for some one who has an Allergy, you would use the Allergy Combination. If you see the composition of this Combination its has  three Combinations SSC 1, SSC 60, SSC 12,  and four Sanjeevinis BPS 5, BPS 28, DS 5 , DS 185 , It could take a few minutes to charge the fresh medium (to be given to a patient with Allergy as a remedy or to be used as a sample for broadcasting to the Patient). However once you have the sample for the Allergies Combination ready, you can charge a fresh medium with it in half minute using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card.

Q. Which is the best medium for preparing a sample?

The longer lasting the medium the better its use as a sample. In terms of the ability to capture and retain the healing vibrations of Sanjeevinis, all mediums are equally good. Remember we are working with the subtle healing vibrations of prayers which will be equally potent in every medium.

Vibhuti (holy ash), is of course the ideal medium for preparing Samples as it lasts for ever.  In India it is easily available  at all Sai Baba Centres in almost every town and in most villages too. Overseas too, it can be procured at the Sai Baba Centres in major cities in almost all countries of the world. Any Indian Store in most countries should usually be having it in stock.  People who regularly ingest  a tiny pinch of Vibhuti  daily, as part  of their daily discipline  for spiritual evolution and healing  can charge their Vibhuti with relevant Sanjeevinis for oral ingestion as well. Others should use Vibhuti only as a medium for preparing Samples to be used for transferring captured vibrations into another medium or for Broadcasting using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card.

Sugar globules:  is another commonly used medium for preparing and storing samples.

Sugar globules usually last for around a couple of years without getting soggy or discolored. If the bottles in which the globules are stored are kept airtight and not opened, the shelf life can even be longer. Sugar globules are usually available in Homeopathic Stores or Pharmacies  in most countries.

Turmeric powder :  Turmeric has been used in Indian traditional medicine and cooking for thousands of years  on account of its therapeutic properties. It is also considered as a symbol of auspiciousness.  It has a shelf life of well over a couple of years when kept in an airtight container.  Turmeric powder should be available in most countries of the world. We are told that in the US and a few other countries you can mail order a packet of turmeric over the internet.

White Rice grains: Another medium that has a long shelf life of over two years.  (Shelf life f Brown rice is around 6 months) . A few grains of rice is enough for preparing a Sample.

Distilled water : In many countries people are very happy using distilled water for preparing samples of Combinations. Mineral Water (or bottled water) is also being used by some people for preparing samples where distilled water is not easily available . Its shelf life is what you have to keep in mind.

Q   What is the best container for storing the samples.

 For distilled water, use small dropper type bottles

 For pills, vibhuthi or turmeric powder you can use small plastic or glass bottles in ½ drahm or 1 drahm size. You can also use the smallest size transparent zip cello bags in case bottles are difficult to  procure. Bottles are usually available in Homeopathic shops and the zip cello bags in any stationary shop.

Q. How is a sample of a Sanjeevini Combination prepared?

Let us take the very first Combination SSC 1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination., It has ten Sanjeevinis included in it.

BPS 31 Mind Sanjeevini +
BPS 24 Immune System Sanjeevini +
BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini +
BPS 13 Endocrine System Sanjeevini +
DS 113 Shakthi Sanjeevini +  
DS 128 Thought Management Sanjeevini +
DS 9  Antitoxin Sanjeevini +
DS 114  Shanthi Sanjeevini +
DS 54   Fitness Sanjeevini +
DS 115 Shock Sanjeevini.+ 
DS 16   Blockages Sanjeevini

 Follow the Steps below to prepare your sample of SSC 1

       1. Fill your bottle with vibhuthi or pills. or turmeric powder.. Only a small quantity of the medium is needed to preparing your samples – a few globules, a pinch of vibhuti or turmeric powder or a couple of spoons of water is sufficient.  Filling up a quarter of the one drahm size bottle with the medium is sufficient . There is of course no harm in filling the bottle fully.

           2. Place your bottle with the chosen medium on any of the 10 Sanjeevini cards  that are part of SSC 1, for 15 seconds     or more and pray or chant during this time.  

      Lets say had started with placing the sample bottle on BPS 31 Mind Sanjeevini.

  3. Now move the bottle to the next Sanjeevini Card i.e BPS 24 Immune System Sanjeevini for 15 seconds or more and pray again for the Lord’s healing love and grace. Repeat this process with all the Sanjeevini Cards in the Combination

  4. Your sample of Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination is now ready.

  5. Clearly put a distinct label the bottle "SSC 1 - Sarva Shakthi Shanthi ". for easy identification and retrieval

Simiarly prepare the ample for SSC 60  Divine Values Combination which has the following Sanjeevinis included in it.

DS 190  Sathya (Truth) Sanjeevini +                          
DS 187  Dharma ( Right Conduct)Sanjeevini +          
DS 114  Shanthi (Peace) Sanjeevini +                        
DS 189  Prema (Love) Sanjeevini   +                          
DS 145  Ahimsa (Non violence) Sanjeevini +           
DS 169  Forgiveness Sanjeevini +                              
DS 188  Honesty Sanjeevini  +                                    
DS 218 Gratitude Sanjeevini +
DS 202 Compassion (Karuna) Sanjeevini +

DS 238 Smile of Inner joy Sanjeevini +

Q. How do I locate the  Sanjeevini Cards in different Combinations.

There are several ways of doing this:

1. In the section Selected Sanjeevini Combination where the Composition of each of the Combinations is given. When you click on any Sanjeevini in the Composition, you will have the image of that particular  Sanjeevini come up on the screen. Copy and paste this image on a new Word document. Similarly copy paste the images of all the other Sanjeevinis included on thenew document. Since these images are in the jpeg format you can adjust the size of the imagesto fit on a page. Take a print out of the document and use it for preparing the Sample.

2. Using the Selected Sanjeevini Combination Sheets .

These Combination Sheets make the process of  preparing the Combinations very simple as all the Sanjeevini Cards in the  Combination are available on the Sheet and you do not have to  download the Cards from the website separately or look for the Cards in the book.

 Charging a medium on the output circle of a Combination Sheet

 3. If you have a copy of the book A Healer’s Guide, you can locate the different Cards under the Body Parts Sanjeevinis Section or the Diseases Sanjeevini Section.

Q. In almost all the Combinations SSC 1 and SSC 60 are included. Does that mean that samples for all Combinations have to be charged with SSC 1 and SSC 60?

It is true that  SSC 1 and SSC 60 are included in every Combination. These two Combinations together constitute a powerful subtle tonic  ( called Sai Sanjeevini tonic) for physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well being and therefore recommended to be a part of every combination.

Prepare samples of these two combinations - SSC1 and SSC 60 right in the beginning.   Sample for SSC 60 will be prepared exactly the same way as we did for SSC 1 above. Using these samples, you can transfer the healing vibrations in these combinations to every other sample by using the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card. This is explained in the example of SSC 2 ahead.

Q.  How to prepare the Sample for SSC 2 Allergies Combination

The composition of SSC 2 is given below.  Unlike SSC 1 and SSC 60 where we had to charge the medium with the relevant Sanjeevini Cards included in the Combinaion, here we also have to charge the sample with  three Sanjeevini Combinations – SSC1, SSC60 and SSC 12.

SSC 1    Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination  +
SSC 60  Awakening of DivineValues  Combination+
SSC 12  Cleansing & Kidney Combination+
BPS 5 Blood Sanjeevini +
BPS 28 Liver Sanjeevini +
DS 5  Allergies (all) Sanjeevini +
DS 185 Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini

We already have samples of SSC 1 and SSC 60 ready with us which can be easily transferred into the new sample being prepared for SSC  2 Allergies Combination,

Place the already prepared sample of SSC 1 on the left side of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card,

Place the bottle in which the sample for SSC2 Allergies Combination is being made on the right side of the M & B card

Leave for ½ minute or more . Pray or chant during this time.

The new medium on the right side is charged with SSC 1 Combination

Next repeat the process with the already prepared sample of SSC 60 placed on the left side of the M & B Card. The new medium is now charged with SSC 1 and SSC 60.

Next we need to charge the medium with SSC 12 Cleansing & Kidney Combination.

In the block below are given the instructions for preparing a sample of SSC 12

Preparing a sample of

SSC 12 - Cleansing & Kidney Combination

SSC 12 is  a vital combination for toning up the organs of elimination and to throw out all kinds of toxins from the body.

   This combination is included in several other combinations. Therefore it is good to prepare a sample of this combination right in the beginning.

   If you were to click on this combination you will see its composition as :

    SSC 1  Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination+
SSC 60 Awakening of Divine Values Combo+
BPS 25 Kidney & U.T.Sanjeevini +
DS 68 Infection Sanjeevini+
BPS 1 Abdomen Sanjeevini
BPS 57 Colon Sanjeevini
DS 156 Antitoxin - Heavy Metals
DS 157 Antitoxin – Dental Fillings

   Take a fresh bottle with a medium.

   Charge it with SSC 1 and SSC 60 using the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card as explained above..

   Place the bottle now on BPS 25 Kidney and UT Card for 15 seconds or more and pray.

   Repeat this process to charge the medium in the bottle with DS 68, BPS 1, BPS 57, DS 156, and DS 157 Sanjeevinis

   You now have the Sample for SSC 12 Cleansing & Kidney Combination ready for use. Label this sample bottle SSC 12 Cleansing & Kidney for easy identification and retrieval.


















 Continuing the preparation of the sample for SSC 2 Allergies Combination.

Charge the medium in the bottle now with the healing vibrations of SSC 12 Combination by placing the just prepared sample of SSC 12 on the left side of the M & B card and placing the medium for SSC 2 on the right side for ½ minute or more and praying.

Next take the bottle and place it on BPS 5 Blood Sanjeevini Card for 15 seconds or more and praying or chanting during this time.

Repeat this process with the rest of the Sanjeevinis in the Combination i.e BPS 28, DS 5 and DS 185.

The sample for SSC 2 Allergies Combination is ready.

Put a label on the sample – SSC 2 Allergies- for clear identification of the bottle  and for easy  retrieval during your regular healing seva.

You can now confidently proceed to make all the SSC samples from SSC 1 to SSC 60 for your Sanjeevini healing work. You can do this important and sacred work on one day or spread it over three days (or more), preparing 20 samples everyday.  

Please do not be in a hurry. Let the mind be completed dedicated and devoted to this work whilst you are preparing the samples.  Be in prayerful communion with God whilst engaged in the work, joyfully visualizing  miraculous healings  happening with these samples with the Lord’s healing grace.  

Q.  If SSC 1 and SSC60 are to be used in every combination, can I charge my entire stock of medium, pills, Vibhuti, Turmeric powder  or Distilled water with SSC 1 and SSC 60 right in the beginning using the M & B Card

Yes indeed, It is recommended that whatever stock of any medium we have for dispensing or for preparing samples , we can charge it with SSC 1 and SSC 60.  Every thing that you take from this stock will already be charged with SSC 1 and SSC 60. You do not need to charge it again as you prepare different samples in small bottles.

Q.  Is it necessary to recharge the samples periodically – say every 6 months or so.

Of course you can recharge one or more of your samples any time you are innerly guided to do so. But it is not necessary to do so.

A sample does not need recharging once it has been charged.  You can prepare hundreds or thousands of remedies with a sample using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card. Its charge does not get diminished at all.  Never have a doubt in your mind on the potency of the sample being reduced after extensive usage or after a certain period of time has elapsed.

However if you feel like it, please recharge your samples whenever you wish to.  The process of charging deepens our connection with Individual Sanjeevini prayers and therefore can be undertaken any time.

Q. What are the ways of  storing  the SSC samples for easy retrieval during the healing seva(service).

It is important to have an efficient storage  retrieval system for the samples. The simplest one is to use smallest size cello bags (zip types) for individual samples and then putting a few samples in a larger packet.  Packet No. 1 could have combinations SSC1 to SSC 10; packet No. 2 could have combinations SSC 11 to SSC 20 and so on. 

Wooden Box for Storing SSC Sample bottlesAnother storage system that we higly recommend based on our experience is to prepare  the samples in small ½ or 1 Drahm size bottles and store these in a wooden box with storage slots. The bottles could be plastic or glass.

The wooden boxes are usually available from any Homeopathic Pharmacy in every town with storage slots of 60, 84, 108 bottles. Bottles of the correct size that fit into the slots in the box and pills can also be procured from the Homeo Pharmacy. Vibhuti is of course the ideal medium in which the samples should be prepared as it never gets spoilt. If vibhuthi is not available use Homeo globules or turmeric powder. Try and get a box with 84 or 108 slots so that you have a few slots available for some of the commonly used sub combinations as well.

If a ready made wooden box is not available in your city, you could have your local carpenter make one for you. You could also do a Google search for Plastic or wooden  boxes with slots for storing Homeo bottles and hopefully locate a few suppliers.

Wishing you great joy and fulfillment in your healing seva!!!

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