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Broadcasting Function of The Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
The use of the Neutralisation Card
(Neutralising Negative Vibrations at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels)




 Every time you prepare a Sanjeevini remedy for someone, you are giving the person a combination of a few Sanjeevinis based on the symptoms or diseases the person is suffering from at the physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual level.


The Section Selected Sanjeevini Combinations in the book A Healer’s Guide lists out suggestions for Combinations of Sanjeevinis  for over two hundred diseases/problems. There are 60 main Selected Sanjeevini Combinations. Each of these 60 combinations has one or more sub-combinations for different ailments. This is the main reference material for all healers, in particular for those who are just starting to work with the system.


For derails of all the 60 Combinations and the associated sub Combinations, please click HERE


It is very useful to go through this entire section to become aware of the range of diseases covered. It provides a good understanding on how to select relevant Sanjeevinis for different ailments. You are then ready to confidently create a  Sanjeevini Combination for any disease or problem that may not be covered under the Section.


Q. What are the important features of this section?


1. For new comers this section is a great reference guide. Look up the relevant Combination for the problem at hand and prepare the remedy for dispensing or broadcasting. E.g. For Fevers use SSC 21, for  High B.P. use SSC 8, For Bites and Stings use SSC  5, For injuries use SSC 26 and so on.


2.  For regular Users also it is a good starting point. Based on one’s experience one can always add more Sanjeevinis to those suggested in the Combination for any problem.


3. Easy to access the appropriate combination.


 e.g. If you need to prepare a Combination for Fever, go to SSC 21Fevers Combination.


If the cause of fever is not known, the basic Combination SSC 21 can be used.


If the cause is known, look up  in the sub -Combinations


If you know the cause of the fever look under SSC 21 and you will find Combinations for various types of fevers e.g. Malaria, Typhoid, Chicken pox, Swine flu. In this case you can add the additional Sanjeevinis in the relevant sub combination. 


Another example:

If there is a problem related to Lungs and Chest, use SSC 28 Lung and Chest Combination as the basic Combination. However if a deeper cause of the problem is known use any of  the Sub Combinations under SSC 28 e.g. for Bronchitis  use SSC 28 (a) by adding  DS 23 Bronchitis Sanjeevini + DS 36  Cough (wet) Sanjeevini to the Basic SSC 28 Combination.


4. Preparation of SSC samples: The most important feature of this section is the preparation of Samples of all or at least most of the 60 Combinations. Once you have the samples ready, preparing remedies for even the most complicated ailments becomes very simple and effortless.


e.g. If you need to prepare a Sanjeevini remedy for someone who has Diabetes, Arthritis, High BP and a Liver Infection, pick up the relevant samples from the already prepared samples for each of the Combinations - SSC 15, SSC 32, SSC 8, SSC 27.  Using the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card, transfer the Vibrations of each of these samples into a fresh medium which then becomes the required remedy for the multi disease case. This will take you a little over two minutes ( ½ minute for each sample). If you did not have the samples ready and you had to go to several Sanjeevini Cards to prepare the remedy it would have taken well over 12 minutes to prepare the same remedy.


Please see the section How to prepare Samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations for details on how to actually prepare the samples..


5. Useful notes on various Basic Combinations and a few sub Combinations.


You will find these notes providing you with additional information for some of the problems.


Please remember that the choice of Sanjeevinis in the different Combinations is a guideline for you to get started. Feel free to add more relevant Body Parts Sanjeevinis and Diseases Sanjeevinis depending on the symptoms of every case and on your inner guidance.


Also we wish to remind you that from time to time Combinations for important problems are shared  through our mailing list. Please do subscribe to the mailing list from the Home page,  if you wish to receive updates as and when these are sent.  Details of all updates in the last couple of years can be seen HERE.


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