-     What kind of a container should be used?


Sugar globules and vibhuthi are generally placed for charging in plastic bottles. Liquids are usually stored in a glass/cup/bottle, and then charged. However, the choice/ the shape of the container (in which you place your medium), and the material it is made of does not matter. If the medium is solid – such as sugar globules, vibhuthi or a food substance – it can also be placed in a paper/plastic packet instead of a container, and then charged. If the material is a quartz crystal/rosary/a locket, it can be placed directly on the pattern.


-     What should be the size of the container?


If the container/packet holding your medium is larger than the circumference of the circle in the Sanjeevini pattern, it does not matter. If the container/packet is so large that at the same time it is touching a neighboring Sanjeevini pattern which you don’t need, it does not matter. It does not affect the preparation process in any way. The medium will still be charged with the Sanjeevini you intended it to be charged with. Your intention is for the medium to be charged with a particular Sanjeevini. And Divine Will is well aware of your intention; and therefore the medium will get charged with the healing vibrations of only the relevant Sanjeevini.


-     Is there any interference from the Sanjeevini patterns on the pages below the one I am using?


When a medium is placed on a Sanjeevini pattern, it is charged with the vibrations of only that Sanjeevini. The Sanjeevini patterns on the pages below do not interfere with the charging process.


-     What is the time duration for which the medium should be placed on the Sanjeevini pattern for charging? 


 15 seconds is the minimum time a medium should be placed on the Sanjeevini pattern for the vibration transference to occur. You may exceed the 15 second time period. There is no maximum time limit. The medium can stay on the Sanjeevini pattern for as long as you wish.


-      Is there a fixed prayer/affirmation that should be chanted when the medium is being charged with the Sanjeevini vibrations?


There is no fixed prayer that has to be said during the 15 seconds it takes to charge a medium. Suggestions have been made from our own experience; we personally enjoy the powerful vibrations of the Gayatri mantra  or the Sai Gayatri mantra and the MahaMrityunjaya mantra (all in Sanskrit). However, ANY prayer in any language, from any Religion or Spiritual Tradition is beautiful. The prayer/affirmation you say, or the focused silence you keep during these few moments, brings your awareness to rest on God, and enhances  the purity and compassion of your intention.


Allow your mind to be in complete surrender to God, the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Healer as you pray for the miracle of His healing love & grace for the patient(s) well being.  The prayer during the preparation of remedies is a very important part of healing and should be done with immense sincerity.



-     How many Sanjeevinis can we charge one medium with? Or, how many Sanjeevinis can one remedy hold?


Your medium can be charged with several Sanjeevinis by repeating the charging process with each Sanjeevini you require. There is no limit to the number of Sanjeevinis that one remedy can hold.


-     What is the simplest way to select appropriate Sanjeevinis for a specific case?


What we’ve found, to be the best way to figure out a remedy for a patient after noting his/her symptoms, is to run through the Body Part Sanjeevini list (Pag…) and the Disease Sanjeevini list (Pg…). As you go through the lists you will automatically register which Sanjeevinis would apply to this case. Remember, you can use as many as you feel apply.


-     Should I start charging the medium with the Body Part Sanjeevinis first, and then the Diseases Sanjeevinis? Or vice versa?


There is no specific order to be followed while charging a medium with several Sanjeevinis. You can charge with any Sanjeevini pattern first or last. For example, you could charge with a Body Part Sanjeevini first, then with a Disease Sanjeevini, then go back to a Body Part Sanjeevini. Or, you could start with a couple of Disease Sanjeevinis, and then do a Body Part Sanjeevini. The order does not matter.


-     Once I have prepared the Sanjeevini remedy, how long do the Sanjeevini vibrations last in the medium?


This is a common question asked. The answer is simple. The Sanjeevini vibration lasts as long as the medium does. You do not need to recharge the medium every few days. Once you have charged it, the medium contains the healing vibration for all times. Once food is spoiled and no longer edible, it cannot be used as a medium. The same goes for liquids. This is why if you want to give someone a Sanjeevini remedy for a long period of time, it is best to choose a medium that will not spoil fast. Once you have charged a long-lasting medium (for e.g. sugar globules) with a Sanjeevini pattern, its potency, or effectiveness will remain consistent for days, months and maybe upto a couple of years until the pills get soggy or discoloured. However, if you desire to recharge a medium again with the same Sanjeevini, it can be done. To sum it up, “there is no need to recharge a remedy because the Sanjeevini vibration lasts forever. But there is no harm in recharging if you feel like doing so.”


-     Does giving a patient many Sanjeevinis (i.e. a large number of Body Part Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis) lead to quicker and better healing?


The quality and efficiency of healing does not depend upon the number of Sanjeevinis you give a person, For someone suffering from 10 symptoms, you might charge a medium with 10 Sanjeevinis and administer it. Or, you might choose only 2 or 3 vital symptoms from those 10 and charge your medium with only 2 or 3 Sanjeevinis and then administer it. There is no fixed way. More Sanjeevinis does not necessarily mean quicker healing. Remember, each Sanjeevini has been programmed with the prayer to heal the cause, the symptoms and the repercussions of the particular disease/afflicted body part. Therefore, working with even just one Sanjeevini with full faith and surrender can take care of the entire problem.


For example: If someone came to you with a fever. You would naturally give the Fever and Flu Sanjeevini from the Disease Sanjeevinis. In addition, you might add the Respiratory Tract Sanjeevini and the Cold and Sinus Sanjeevini, if the person showed such symptoms. You might also add the Pain Sanjeevini if the person mentioned such a symptom. As such, the list of symptoms can go on, and you can keep adding Sanjeevinis to the remedy for this patient. However – if you chose to take just ONE symptom (the fever) and work on it, you would give the person only the Fever and Flu Sanjeevini. This would be equally effective, when given in complete faith and surrender. Remember – God knows the true cause of the fever, and all the other symptoms present.


If for some people you feel like preparing a multi-Sanjeevini remedy, do so. If for some people you feel like preparing just a single-Sanjeevini remedy, do so. Each experience is unique – follow what you are most comfortable with. work with whichever option you are innerly guided.


-     Do I need to have prior medical knowledge to know which symptoms to treat with the Sanjeevinis?


Basic common sense to observe symptoms/body parts affected and to then correlate them with the names of Sanjeevinis in the index - is the only “skill” required. The most important prerequisite to heal with the Sanjeevinis is the loving desire to help relieve suffering. 


CAUTION:  Please note carefully that Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances system being shared on this website is not a substitute for your professional medical doctor who is your best guide for diagnosis and treatment. Please follow the medical treatment recommended by your doctor.


The Sanjeevinis can always be taken along with every other system of medicine you are following – Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic etc. Being extremely subtle healing vibrations for establishing wholistic balance in the body, mind and spirit, .the Sanjeevinis will always enhance the healing process of every other system.


-     Under no circumstances should patients discontinue any allopathic or other medicines they might be taking without the advice of their medical doctor.



(Frequently Asked Questions)

on the Patient Record Book & the Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet


Q. Is it necessary to keep a record of all patients? Can I prepare the remedies without spending time on keeping records?


Ans :  No it is not necessary to keep a record but it is very useful. A Patient record book is recommended because of the benefits that flow with it. If there is an emergency and you need to prepare a remedy quickly, the Patient record book can of course be updated later.



Q.  Does it not take too much time to fill up the record book and the Sanjeevini Selection &  Broadcast Worksheet?


Ans. No, it does not. On the contrary, it is a time saver. When some one calls us up and explains her/his symptoms, some of us tend to keep the details in our memory or we note these down on any piece of paper in front of us, which could easily get misplaced. So we could end up relying on our memory for the details given by the patient, whilst preparing the remedy. There is obviously a good chance of forgetting some key symptoms and even the name of the  patient.

The Record Book and the Worksheet help in ensuring that we offer the most sincere, efficient and dedicated Seva (service) with Sanjeevini healing prayers.


 Q. Can I change the format of the Patient Record Book and the Sanjeevini Worksheet?


Ans: Yes of course. The Formats for the Patient Record Book and the Sanjeevini Selection Worksheets can always be modified or changed to what you feel is most efficient for you.


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