Please go through each of the four examples given below carefully. A lot of your doubts/questions regarding important aspects of the healing system will get cleared through these.

Keep a printout of the Patient Record Book and a print out of the Patient Details & Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet.  Filling up these two documents as you go through the examples will provide better understanding of the process. You can of course fill up these documents on your computer as well.






Each of the above four examples are discussed in detail below. Please note that the selection of Sanjeevinis for every example is a guideline. You can always add more Sanjeevinis that you feel are relevant for a specific case.


Let’s say someone came to you with a leg injury with bleeding. This is a step-by-step guideline on how you would prepare the relevant Sanjeevini remedy for this person.

Step 1   First understand the problems/symptoms the patient is experiencing and make a note of these in the Patient Record Book.

In this case the Symptoms are: Injury to the leg with bleeding

Step 2  Identify the Body Parts Sanjeevinis you wish to use from the List of Body Parts Sanjeevinis.

In this case, you would choose:

       Leg and Foot Sanjeevini BPS 27

Make a note of this in the Patient Details & Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet.

Next go through the List of Diseases Sanjeevinis and make a note of the relevant Disease Sanjeevinis in the Patient Details & Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet.

In this case you would select:

       Injury Sanjeevini   DS 71

       Bleeding (hemorrhage)Sanjeevini  DS 15

       Infection Sanjeevini  DS 68

Please note that there are three ways of accessing the Sanjeevini cards

a)  From the Printout of all the 60 Body Parts Sanjeevini Cards & 264 Diseases Sanjeevini Cards. These two pdf files have all the healing cards, six on a page, just as they appear in the hard copy of the book A Healer's Guide. 

In the book, the back of every page with the six Healing Cards, has six Card outlines with the name of the Healing system and the picture of Hanumanji carrying the immortality granting Sanjeevini herb.  This page has been included in the pdf files as well on the request of a few Sanjeevini Healers. However, please note that it is not necessary to print this page on the reverse of the pages with the Healing cards.

b) From the Body Parts Sanjeevinis and Diseases Sanjeevinis Cards Section in the hard copy of the book - A Healer’s Guide.

c) Copying the relevant Sanjeevini Card images individually from Body Parts Sanjeevinis Healing Cards and Diseases Sanjeevinis Healing Cards (under Healers Resources in the Top Menu),and pasting these on a new page as shown in the Exhibit below with four healing cards.

In this example we will use a Printout of the four Sanjeevini Cards selected above, for preparing our remedy. You can download this document HERE.

Example 1 - An injury on the leg with bleeding

                 BPS 27 Leg & Foot Sanjeevini  DS 71 Injury Sanjeevini  DS 15 Bleeding Sanjeevini  DS 68 Infection Sanjeevini

Relevant Sanjeevini Cards copied individually from the website and pasted on a page

 Step 3 

Water as a medium in small bottle, glass or large bottleChoose a medium in which you wish to dispense the Sanjeevinis. Let’s say you decide on water as the medium.

You can keep the medium in a glass, a big bottle or a small bottle with a dropper.  In this case we will choose a glass as the container.

Please refer to the section Choosing a Medium for Your Remedy for renge of mediums that can be used for preparing your Sanjeevini remedy.

In this section we have suggested water in a glass as the medium to be used for all the examples as it is always available to everyone.  Once you have gained a good hands- on experience on how to prepare a remedy using water, you can always use  another medium like homeo pills or vibhuti during your ongoing healing seva, depending on availability. In case you have pills or vibhuti availble, by all means you can use these as well for practice making remedies taken up in this section.

Step 4

Go to BPS 27, Leg and Foot Sanjeevini Card on this print out. Place the glass of water on the circle of the Leg and FootSanjeevini for 15 seconds or more                                                                                                  Water in a glass being charged with healing vibrations of Leg & Foot Sanjeevini

During this time, you can be silent or chant your desired mantra or say a prayer from any religion to connect and surrender your mind to god,                                                                             

After 15 seconds, the water is charged with Leg and Foot Sanjeevini. Pick up the bottle.      

Step 5.

Go to the next Sanjeevini Card on this sheet i.e.  DS 71, Injury Sanjeevini. Place the same Water in a glass being charged with healing vibrations of Injury Sanjeeviniglass on the circle of this Sanjeevini pattern for 15 seconds or more. Deepen you connection with the Divine in the depths of silence within through your prayer or chanting.

After 15 seconds the bottle contains the healing vibrations of both the Leg and Foot Sanjeevini and the Injury Sanjeevini i.e. BPS 27 and DS 71.

Step 6.

Now go to the Card DS 15, Bleeding Sanjeevin on the printout. Water in a glass being charged with healing vibrations of Bleeding SanjeeviniPlace the glass on the Sanjeevini pattern  for 15 seconds or more.

Repeat your prayer or Mantra.                                                                                            

Step 7. Water in a glass being charged with healing vibrations of Infection Sanjeevini

Finally go to DS 68, Infection Sanjeevini. Place the bottle on the circle of this Sanjevini pattern for 15 seconds or more.

Repeat your prayer or Mantra or be in silence to tune in to God.

The water in the glass is now charged with all the four Sanjeevinis selected for the problem.

This is the Sanjeevini remedy to be given to a person with the problem of a leg injury with bleeding.

 This is also the remedy to use as a sample for Distance healing by Broadcasting to the patient, using the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card. Distance healing through Broadcasting of Sanjeevinis is explained in detail in a separate section ahead.


Take another example: say someone came to you with a fever, heavy-cold and blocked nose.


First note the name of the patient and the symptoms in the Patient Record Book

    Symptoms: Fever with a heavy cold (Sinusitis) and blocked nose

Step 2.

List out the Sanjeevinis you wish to use. In this example, you would list out the following Sanjeevinis after going through the List  of Body Parts Sanjeevinis and List of Diseases Sanjeevinis. Make a note of these in the Patient Data & Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet

1. Sinuses (all) Sanjeevini BPS 43
2. Nose Sanjeevini  BPS 37
3. Fever and Flu Sanjeevini DS 50
4. Sinus and Cold Sanjeevini  DS 116
5. Blockages (all) Sanjeevini  DS16
6. Infection Sanjeevini DS 68

These are Sanjeevinis that “logically” apply to the problem. You could add more Sanjeevinis depending on the symptoms presented before you. For example if the throat is also affected you would add Throat and Tonsils Sanjeevini  BPS  48 and Tonsillitis Sanjeevini DS130.

Copy and Paste all the above Six Sanjeevini cards from this website on a fresh page as in Example 1 above.

You can download and print the document with Six Sanjeevini Cards for Example 2  HERE

You can download  the  Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet with a few examples HERE

You can download the Patient Record Book with a few examples HERE

Step 3.

Choose your medium.

Let’s keep water in a glass again as the medium in this case too.

Step 4.

Go to Fever and Flu Sanjeevini DS 50 Card. Place the glass of water on the circle of the Sanjeevini pattern for 15 seconds or more. Repeat your prayer. Once the 15 seconds or more are up, pick up the glass. Turn to Sinus and Cold Sanjeevini Card DS 116. Here again, place the same glass on the circle of the Sanjeevini pattern for 15 seconds or more. Repeat your prayer. After 15 seconds, pick up the glass and turn to DS 16 Blockages (all) Sanjeevini. Place the glass on the circle of this Sanjeevini pattern for 15 seconds or more. After 15 seconds are up, remove the glass.  Place it on DS 68 Infection Sanjeevini for 15 seconds or more and be in silence, pray or chant your mantra.

The water in the bottle is now charged with all the disease Sanjeevinis that you selected for the above case.

Step 5.

Next place the glass with water on BPS 43 Sinuses (all) Sanjeevini Card for 15 seconds or more maintaining silence, praying or chanting during this time. Next go to BPS 37 Nose Sanjeevini pattern and place the glass on this pattern for 15 seconds or more whilst repeating your prayer.

Step 6.

The water in the glass  is now charged with the vibrations of the six Sanjeevinis we chose above.

Your remedy for this case is ready for giving to the patient or to be used as a sample for Broadcasting to the patient.


As a concerned parent/guardian/teacher/well-wisher of the child you can use the following Sanjeevinis to prepare the remedy for this case. Once again begin by noting the details in the Patients Record Book and the Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet.

The Sanjeevinis suggested after going through the List of Body Parts and Disease Sanjeevinis are:

1.   Mind Sanjeevini BPS 31
2.   Indiscipline Sanjeevini  DS 221
3.   Respect for Teachers Sanjeevini DS 235
4.   Thought Management Sanjeevini DS 128       
5.   Ahimsa (non-violence)Sanjeevini  DS 145              
6.   Prema ( unconditional love) Sanjeevini  DS 189        
7.   Dharma ( Right Conduct) Sanjeevini DS 187  

You can download and print the document with Seven Sanjeevini Cards for Example 3  HERE

You may want to add some more Sanjeevinis as you go through the list based on your inner guidance. Please feel free to do that. It is important that you begin to follow your own intuition in Sanjeevini healing.

Mind Sanjeevini is a prayer for a calm, peaceful, creative mind focused on living by positive values regardless of external provocations or temptations.

The next  two Sanjeevinis are obvious choices. The student is obviously forgetful of what his/her right conducts as a student should be. Ahimsa Sanjeevini is a prayer to awaken the divine value of ‘help ever, hurt never’ in thoughts, words and actions. Thought management Sanjeevini is a prayer to channelise all thoughts in productive, purposeful directions which promote peace, harmony and welfare of all. DS 189 Prema (love) Sanjeevini is a prayer to awaken this supreme virtue. Where there is love there can be no hatred, violence or disrespect.

You would of course add any other Sanjeevini as well if there are any other problems at the physical, mental, emotional or social levels.

Preparing the Sanjeevini remedy for this case would again be as explained in the first two examples.  Select the medium. Place it in a container. Place the container on each of the above Sanjeevini patterns for 15 seconds or more. Be in sacred communion through a prayer, through silence or by chanting a mantra whilst the charging process is on.

This Sanjeevini remedy can be given in a medium like the pills or water to the student.

It can also be broadcast to the student or to a group of students by parents/concerned teachers /school authorities. Broadcasting of Sanjeevinis is as effective as giving the Sanjeevinis in a medium for ingestion. It is explained in detail in a  section ahead.

The school authorities and or parents would of course continue to offer counseling to bring about a transformation in the child’s behaviour and attitude. The Sanjeevini focused prayers will work at a very deep level of consciousness to help bring about transformation from within by awakening the God gifted wisdom.

Important : Please remember there must never be any judgment in our hearts whilst dispensing or broadcasting the values related Sanjeevinis or the negative traits related Sanjeevinis. The broadcast must be sent out with a heart full of compassion. All children and all students are inherently divine. All the above Sanjeevinis are prayers to awaken their inherent divinity and to protect them from negative emotions and traits.

Judgment is one negative emotion that has to be removed from our minds completely for us to evolve spiritually. Judgment is a spiritual disease and therefore all Sanjeevini healers must be wary that it does not take hold in us.


Enter details of the Case in the Patient Record Book and Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet. In this Case in the Patient Name Column  the entry could read like :

All those affected by the Hurricane in……. on such and such date.

The choice of Sanjeevinis would be :

1. Bone Sanjeevini   BPS 7
2. Whole Body Sanjeevini BPS 54
3. Injury Sanjeevini  DS 71
4. Shock Sanjeevini  DS 115
5. Bleeding (haemmorhage)  Sanjeevini DS 15
6. Shakthi Sanjevini DS 113
7. Shanthi Sanjeevini DS 114
8. Faith Sanjeevini DS 216
9. Consolation  Sanjeevini DS 247
10. Any other Sanjeevini that is relevant in your understanding of the situation. e.g. You could add the Fever and Flu (all) Sanjeevini, the Diarrhea and Dysentery Sanjeevini, Cholera Sanjeevini in case these problems are prevalent or an outbreak of these is feared, due to the natural disaster.

You can download and print the document with Nine Sanjeevini Cards for Example 4  HERE

Injury Sanjeevini, Bone Sanjeevini, Bleeding Sanjeevini are quite obvious choices in natural calamities or accidents. Every one suffers shock during calamities due to injury, loss of property, death of near and dear ones.Shock Sanjeevini is a healing prayer for healing the damaging effects of Shock at the body, mind and emotions level. Shakthi Sanjeevini is a prayer for divine strength to face all hardships bravely. Shanthi Sanjeevini is a prayer for the mind to experience the deep peace within through all the vicissitudes of life.  Faith in the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of God gives us the strength to face all calamities and challenges with courage and equipoise. Grief is but natural when we lose a dear one. Consolation Sanjeevini is a prayer to grant solace to even those who are in inconsolable anguish. It is a prayer to awaken the profound wisdom of the impermanence and transitory nature of all names and forms and to be focused on the core of every being - the immortal self, atman or divinity. Shanthi Sanjeevini also includes the prayer for the departed soul’s evolution to the highest level of consciousness after it leaves a particular body at the time of death.

Prepare this Sanjeevini in a medium of your choice, water, sugar globules or vibhuti etc. by following the procedure given in the examples above.

If you are at the site of the disaster you can actually dispense the Sanjeevini remedy   to as many affected people as possible.For dispensing remedies in a calamity situation the best medium is homeo globules in plastic bottles.

Along with this we should always broadcast the prepared Sanjeevini healing remedy to reach out to every one affected by the calamity. This would include the relatives and friends of those who may not be directly involved in the calamity but would be going through the mental trauma. It would also include all those who may have passed away in the calamity. Our connection with every soul is eternal and does not end with a particular form dissolving through the natural process of death. We can always serve beings in every plane of consciousness through broadcasting of Sanjeevinis. 

The daily prayer Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu (May all beings in all planes of Consciousness be happy) is indeed a prayer where we seek the evolution, happiness and bliss for every being in every plane of consciousness (every loka).

Please do go through the section  FAQs pertaining to Preparing a Sanjeevini remedy. These are relevant questions which are commonly asked in Workshops.


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