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What is the Dosage for a Sanjeevini Remedy?
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Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
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      Multiplication Function of The Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
      Broadcasting Function of The Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
The use of the Neutralisation Card
     (Neutralising Negative Vibrations at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels)




The Sanjeevini patterns or cards are used to ‘charge’ a medium. When a medium is placed on a Sanjeevini pattern, the healing vibrations (energy) of the Sanjeevini are transferred to the medium. This medium could be anything you intuitively feel would work best for the patient.  e.g. Sugar globules(pills), Water, Vibhuti (holy ash) or a Food item  


         Water as a medium in small bottle, glass or large bottle                

                               Water                                                     Pills                                                           Vibhuti                                                   

                                                                    Commonly used mediums for dispensing                                                                                                           


Water :  Water is the most convenient medium as it is readily available everywhere. It could be a glass of water, or water in a small bottle with a dropper, or water in a large bottle, which the patient then drinks. Small bottles with droppers are available at Homeopathic stores in India. Glass vials in ½ or 1 dram size with droppers are also available. Water is used as the most common medium in countries where Homeo sugar globules (pills) are not available easily. The medium could also be a beverage such as a soup or a juice. Any liquid in a container or holder can be charged with the Sanjeevinis.


Sugar globules:  It could be plain sugar globules (pills), the kind used by homoeopaths to dispense   homeopathic    remedies. These plain sugar globules can be purchased from a Homeopathic pharmacy, along   with small plastic bottles in which to store them/dispense them. This is an easy medium that   can be taken in measured doses, and lasts for more than a year (until the sugar doesn’t   spoil), unlike food/beverage items which spoil in a few hours/days. Sugar globules can also be stored in small paper or plastic bags in case homeopathic plastic/glass bottles are not available.



                                 Sugar globules (400 gm) packet                       Packet of one drahm size bottles


Vibhuti: Another medium that can be used is Vibhuthi or holy ash which has its own enormous healing power. This is an ideal medium for preparing Samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations. There are many kinds of Vibhuti (Holy Ash) that are available. All can be used for Preparing Samples to be used for Multiplying remedies or Broadcasting remedies using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card. However all types of Vibhutis may not be suitable for ingestion. Only If you are already used to ingesting a particular kind of Vibhuti in tiny quantities as part of your spiritual practice, should you use it for preparing a Sanjeevini remedy for oral intake. Otherwise please stay with Water or Homeo globules as the medium for taking oral remedy.


Vibhuti is the longest lasting medium as it never spoils. It is therefore the ideal medium for preparing Samples of important Combinations for different remedies. Vibhuti is usually available from Sai Baba centres in almost every city in India and several cities in most countries overseas. It usually comes in sealed packets (100 gms) or in smaller paper or plastic packets as shown below.




                   Sealed Packet of Vibhuti                                   Vibhuti in a paper or plastic bag


Food:  It could be a food item like a dish of vegetables, a sandwich, an apple…anything!


Other mediums:

There are some mediums you can use conveniently for preparing samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combintions for different Ailments. These should be used for broadcasting alone and not for ingestion. Vibhuti ofcourse is the best medium for preparing samples as it never gets spoilt. Turmeric Powder and White Rice grains are good mediums for preparing samples in case Baba's Vibhuti is not available.. Both these are easily available in every household and last for around a couple of years without getting  spoilt. 


Crystals (quartz, amethyst, tourmaline etc.),  rosaries too can be charged with the  Sanjeevinis, to amplify their healing energies.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings can  be charged too for wholistic wellbeing.

Hair oils, skin lotions, ointments specially for skin or hair related problems.


The medium you choose doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re comfortable with it. There are no set rules as to what can or cannot be charged with the Sanjeevini vibration. Each medium is equally potent and effective. Remember – we are working with the subtle healing energy of prayers, and prayers are not bound by a specific type of medium – they work through anything.


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