Q. How often should the SS-Sanjeevinis be taken?
A. For chronic or old problems : One globule (or drop of water or a tiny pinch of vibhuti ) 3 times a day over a long period. For acute problems : As frequently as required.

Q. Is there any harm if too much of any Sanjeevini is taken?
A. No, there is absolutely no harm. The Sanjeevinis are prayers meant for awakening the body's own vital force and can only help.

Q. Is it necessary to moisten the globules with alcohol when preparing the Sanjeevinis ?
A. No, the globules can and should be used completely dry. Alcohol is not needed at all.

Q. Is it possible to prepare the Sanjeevinis in a bottle or container or glass which is larger than the circle on the Sanjeevini card or the Multiplication and Broadcasting card?
A. Yes, it is possible. The bottle can be of any size or shape.

Q. Does the bottle or container (in which the Sanjeevinis are being made) have to be of a particular material?
A. No, the bottle or the container can be of any material - plastic, paper, glass or steel.

Q. Are the Sanjeevinis antidoted by camphor or coffee or any other substance with a strong smell?
A. No. The Sanjeevinis are spiritual vibrations and therefore cannot be antidoted by any substance.

Q. Do we need to maintain a gap between eating food and taking a dose of the Sanjeevinis?
A. No. Since the Sanjeevinis can be given in food itself there is no need to maintain any time gap between food and the Sanjeevinis.

Q. What is the life of the SS-Sanjeevini cards?
A. Unless it gets salvation by burning, each SS-Sanjeevini healing Card is timeless and is valid even if stained or damaged due to extensive use. However it would be wise to protect the cards during use with a clear plastic transparency kept on the relevant SS-Body Parts or Diseases Sanjeevini page (Section 3).

Q. What is the life of a sample of Sanjeevinis combination?
A. A sample made with Vibhuti (holy ash) is Sanathana (timeless) and will last for ever. A sample made from sugar globules is good until the globules get discoloured.

Q. Is there any harm if the pills are kept on the Sanjeevini cards for more than 15 seconds?
A. No, there is no harm. 15 seconds is the minimum time required. The pills can be left on the card indefinitely.

Q. For broadcasting the Sanjeevinis, is the distance important?
A. No, the person for whom the broadcast is meant could be in the next room or thousands of miles away.

Q. How important is the role of diet & lifestyle in the healing process?
A. Extremely important. Wrong diet & lifestyle are often the root causes of most ailments. Unless a patient becomes aware and brings about corrective changes in his or her diet and lifestyle, permanent cures to several chronic ailments are going to be very difficult.

Q. How do the SS-Sanjeevinis work on the body?
A. A lot of people are anxious to know what it is that flows from the Sanjeevini cards into the pills or water and how it flows.

The simple answer is that it is the Lord's Love and Healing Energy that is flowing from the cards to the pills.

God's love cannot be bound by matter, space or time - it flows freely and instantly when He is called upon to help. And so His Love and Healing Energy starts to reach the patient at a distance as soon as the broadcast is started.

The deeper understanding of this will flow as you selflessly use the Sanjeevinis in a spirit of surrender.
We wish you great joy in your healing seva and in the re-discovery of harmonious living.


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