Our most loving gratitude to our dearest Poonamji who was and will always be our guiding light and inspiration in the healing seva. 

Those of us who had the honour and privilege of working with her will always owe a huge debt of gratitude for the many life transforming lessons we learnt under her inspirational leadership which was always based on Truth and Dharma and completely suffused with unconditional love and compassion. Her devotion and faith in her Sadguru was unwavering and steadfast.  She was intuitively always deeply connected with Him and followed His calling from within implicitly in every step of her seva. ‘Manav seva is Madhav seva’ (service to mankind is service to God) was the joyful mantra that Baba had given to her. She lived that Mantra every moment of her life - ceaselessly, fearlessly and joyfully serving all creation with intense dedication, devotion and discipline. 

She was the humble instrument through whom the Lord gifted the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances to the whole world. 

We offer our loving salutations to her!


We are eternally grateful to all the Sanjeevini healers worldwide for their intense faith in this system that is born out of their own personal experiences.  

Working with the Sanjeevinis opens up new channels of awareness for healers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a healer’s knowledge and inner awareness increases manifold with each new usage of the Sanjeevinis, and the Sanjeevinis too grow in their scope and application as they are used more and more. The prayerful intentions of the healers are the joyful carriers of this gift of love, this gift of healing across the globe.

In gratitude, 

All members
of the healing Seva team
- past and present

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