without the guidance of an experienced Sanjeevini Healer?


Yes indeed. Many people across the world have learnt the system from the book A Healer’s Guide by downloading the entire book (or relevant parts of the book)  from the website or by mail ordering  the spiral bound hard copy. They have followed the simple instructions in the guide on how to prepare the Sanjeevini remedies and developed their faith by actually testing the remedies on themselves, their friends and relatives and even pets and plants for different problems.

Many have also learnt the system through seminars and workshops being offered by dedicated and committed Sanjeevini healers in different countries, or through individual direct guidance or guidance by emails.

The main benefits of learning from an experienced Sanjeevini healer are:

        1.    The energy of the strong faith and conviction of the Healer in the system is  transmitted to the                            learner.

        2.    Any doubts or questions can be clarified immediately.

        3.   Case studies and experiences are shared to inspire and educate new comers  on the scope and                   effectiveness of healing.

The advantage of learning in a group is that it enhances our understanding further as we get exposed to many different perspectives. So if you have an opportunity to learn directly from an experienced Sanjeevini healer, on a one- to -one basis or in a group workshop, please do make use of it.

This website has been redesigned as a self-study Tutorial. It covers most of the doubts that come up in Sanjeevini workshops and one-to-one teaching sessions. It will systematically take you through the important aspects of Sai Sanjeevini healing. By the end of the Tutorial you will be able to confidently prepare Sanjeevini Healing remedies for all kinds of problems. You will also have a set of Master Samples ready for several ailments which makes preparation of remedies very efficient.

Whether you learn from the website or the book or through an experienced Sanjeevini healer, the real learning will happen only through your direct healing experiences. This is of course true for all spiritual healing systems.

Sanjeevini healers who are conducting workshops  are welcome to use the contents of the Tutorial in their teaching sessions, as they share this Gift of love with others.


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